Sneak peek inside issue 211 of The Dolls' House magazine

Katie Holloway

Katie Holloway

30 October 2015

DH211 Cover

We’re getting ready to have a cosy Christmas – in a 1:12 scale log cabin! Explore this fascinating miniature that was built from scratch, and make gorgeous miniatures to suit any style or period of dolls’ house. We show you how to make hot chocolate and biscuits with polymer clay, how to create rustic greenery to deck the halls and how to sew some 1:12 scale winter pyjamas. Plus, find out how the artist behind the Mouse Market creates intricate festive treats, and what inspires her to make these polymer creations. We’ve also taken a look at all the best upcoming period dramas this winter to inspire you – or at least entertain you when the weather turns! If you’d like to tackle a longer project, we’ve got the first of a three-part patchwork quilt tutorial, too, which will look great in any dolls’ house. With all this, plus the usual news, reviews, fair dates and competitions, look no further for all your miniature inspiration this Christmas!

Hot Chocolate And Christmas Biscuits By Lynn Allingham

Above: Hot chocolate and biscuits project by Lynn Allingham

Holly And Ivy By Marianne Cook

Above: Holly and ivy project by Marianne Cook

Winter Pyjamas By Janet Harmsworth

Above: Winter pyjamas project by Janet Harmsworth

Rustic Antlers By Natalie Clegg

Above: Rustic antlers project by Natalie Clegg

Patchwork Quilt By Sue Johnson

Above: Patchwork quilt project part 1 by Sue Johnson

Dolls' House October sneak peek

Katie Holloway

Katie Holloway

2 September 2015

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The weather is on the turn and we are getting ready for autumn with warming miniatures fit for a harvest day. Projects include warming apple and blackberry pie, harvest vegetables, Aran jumpers and a rather cute duffel coat (plus lots more). To inspire us, we’ve taken a look inside a 1:12 scale American 1920s home complete with produce stall and colourful leaves. We also have an exclusive interview with the IGMA artisan behind Crown Jewel Miniatures, who tells us why she went into miniature making in the first place. Plus, we show you how to reupholster an old armchair, we’ve got tons of prizes to win, all the latest reviews and more inspiration than you’ll know what to do with! The issue also comes with a free 16-page supplement full of advice on how to build your own dolls’ house.

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 Unisex Aran Jumpers

Above: Unisex Aran jumpers project by Frances Powell

Crown Jewel Miniatures

Above: interview with IGMA artisan Robin Brady-Boxwell of Crown Jewel Miniatures

Blackberry Pie By Kelly Murdie

Above: Blackberry pie project by Kelly Murdie

Harvest Home

Above: Explore this 1:12 scale harvest home

Fresh Harvest Bounty Project

Above: Fresh harvest bounty project by Lynn Allingham

How To Reupholster An Armchair

Above: How to reupholster an armchair. Technique by Natalie Clegg


Look at what's inside issue 207, August 2015

Katie Holloway

Katie Holloway

1 July 2015

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The sun is out and the miniatures are bright! We step outside this month to bring you the best miniatures and projects for long, hot days and relaxing evenings in the dolls’ house. We’ve stepped inside a 1:12 scale garden centre and we show you how to sew a boho skirt. Plus, you can knit a stunning beaded picnic blanket and make a complete set of picnic food out of polymer clay, which is perfect for a Victorian lunch, or the modern day. One of this summer’s biggest events is the Fashion on the Ration exhibition at the Imperial War Museum; we’ve interviewed the curator to find out the ins and outs of WWII fashion. We’ve also got expert tips on etiquette for taking tea throughout history, we show you how to reupholster a rocking chair, and how to make a bird of paradise plant. With much more besides, including great prizes to win and tips on how to use Facebook to promote your miniatures – we’ve packed a lot in!

Plus - don't forget, you can enter the competitions for the issue here!


Above: 1:12 scale garden centre by Liz Davis

Bird Of Paradise By Marianne Cook

Above: Bird of Paradise plant by Marianne Cook

Victorian Picnic Platter By Lynn Allingham

Above: Picnic Platter by Lynn Allingham

Beaded Picnic Blanket

Above: Beaded picnic blanket by Frances Powell

Bohemian Skirt By Janet Harmsworth

Above: Boho skirt by Janet Harmsworth

Reupholstered Rocking Chair By Sue Johnson

Above: Reupholstered rocking chair by Sue Johnson

Sneak peek inside issue 206

Katie Holloway

Katie Holloway

1 June 2015

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The Dolls' House magazine issue 206, on sale 4th June

With summer upon us we have ventured to the seaside this month for sun, sea and miniatures! From a vintage swimming costume to a retro ice cream sundae, the projects you can make this month are perfect for any period or style of dolls’ house. Have a look inside a stunning 1:12 scale lighthouse by Brae Oktober and discover how Sally Meekins makes her intricate miniature ceramics. We also talk to Keely Harris, author of Style Me Vintage Home, about how to create unique retro interiors. If you’re feeling crafty, make some paper bunting, a resin table top or even build a 1:12 scale deckchair! With all the usual book and web reviews, plus with over £500 worth of prizes to win – don’t miss the July issue of The Dolls’ House magazine.

Sweet Summer Sundaes By Lynn Allingham

Above: Sweet Summer Sundaes project by Lynn Allingham

Walnut Bay Light By Brae Oktober

Above: Walnut Bay Light by Brae Oktober

Beach Bag And Sun Hat By Sue Johnson

Above: Beach bag and hat projects by Sue Johnson

Sally Meekins Ceramics

Above: Sally Meekins ceramics

Retro Swimming Costume

Above: Retro swimming costume by Janet Harmsworth

Gaillardia Flowers By Marianne Cook

Above: Gaillardia project by Marianne Cook

Sneak peek inside issue 205 of The Dolls' House magazine

Katie Holloway

Katie Holloway

1 May 2015

DH205 Cover

This month we’re living in the lap of luxury with high class miniatures fit for the grandest dolls’ house. Whether you like period style or modern, whether you’ve got a huge budget or a miniscule one, we’ve got everything you need to create the highest quality miniature worlds. Discover a 1:12 scale Victorian mansion that was built from scratch and learn how one woman went from being a pub landlady to a miniature artist. Plus, we reveal an insight into the new dolls’ house collection at Newby Hall. If you’re feeling crafty, why not sew up a Regency-era ball gown or make a beautiful wedding cake out of polymer clay. We also show you how to re-upholster a footstool with custom fabric, and how to knit a delicate pair of lace drapes. With great prizes to win and interviews with contemporary miniaturists, this issue is packed with the best miniature ideas.

Lace Evening Dress By Janet Harmsworth

Above: Lace evening dress by Janet Harmsworth

Dewell Manor By Giac Dell 'accio

Above: The bathroom of Dewell Manor by Giac Dell'accio

Summer Breeze Wedding Cake By Lynn Allingham (1)

Above: Summer breeze wedding cake by Lynn Allingham

How Linda Toerzey Went From Pub Landlady To Miniature Artist

Above: Simply Silk: from pub landlady to miniature artist

Peonies By Marianne Cook

Above: Peonies by Marianne Cook

Interview With Helen Finister

Above: Interview with Helen Finister

Sneak peek inside issue 204 of The Dolls' House magazine

Katie Holloway

Katie Holloway

30 March 2015

DH204 Cover Small

Spring is in the air this month as we bring you a fresh magazine full of the most stylish miniatures – with a chic French twist. With a gentle nod towards all things Parisian, this month’s miniatures include projects like breakfast pastries, designer handbags and a knitted vintage-style suit. Plus, we’ve got techniques to show you how to create your own miniature mouldings to make your dolls’ house truly unique, and how to use metal clay to create an ornate 1:12 scale candlestick. In terms of inspiration, there’s a lot going on in this issue; we’ve got a behind-the-scenes interview with the Curator of a new dolls’ house exhibition in Bath, and we take a look inside a stunning 1:12 scale antique shop. With miniaturist profiles, reviews, prizes and ideas galore, look no further for the season’s most gorgeous miniatures.

Romantic Boutique

Above: Look inside a 1:12 scale antiques shop

Parisian Pastry Platter

Above: Make a polymer clay breakfast set

Small Worlds - Photo By Peter Kenyon

Above: behind-the-scenes look at a major new dolls' house exhibition - Small Worlds (photo by Peter Kenyon)

Vintage Style Suit

Above: 1:12 scale knitted suit

Springtime Sweet Peas By Lene Mathiasen

Above: Make some springtime sweetpeas

Sneak peek inside issue 203 of The Dolls' House magazine

Katie Holloway

Katie Holloway

3 March 2015


DH203 Cover

Bring spring into your dolls’ house this month with The Dolls’ House magazine; we’ve got a bright and cheerful issue packed full of floral projects and inspiration. We interview Nell Corkin about her stunning 1:144 scale dolls’ houses and chat to Caroline Dupuis of Cinderella Moments about her beautiful 1:12 scale Wiltshire cottage. Learn how to create beautiful miniature journals and polymer clay biscuits and tarts. Plus, knit a 1:12 scale jumper and leggings set for your dolls. We show you how to build stairs for your custom dolls’ house plus how to make your own clock using resin. With 13 room inspirations to inspire you and lots of giveaway prizes to win, we’ve got all you need for this month’s miniature fix!

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 Wiltshire Cottage

Above: Look inside this 1:12 scale Wiltshire Cottage by Carolie Dupuis of Cinderella Moments

Spring Tarts

Above: Make floral spring tarts out of polymer clay. By Lynn Allingham.

Nell Corkin

Above: Discover the 1:144 scale artistry of Nell Corkin

Easter Sunday Dress

Above: Sew an adorable Easter Sunday dress. By Janet Harmsworth

Floral Jumper And Leggings

Above: Knit a 1:12 scale floral jumper and leggings. By Frances Powell

 Californian Poppies

Above: Make colourful Californian poppies in 1:12 scale or 1:24 scale. By Marianne Cook


Issue 202 sneak peek

Katie Holloway

Katie Holloway

3 February 2015

DH202 Cover Small

Be inspired by all things Eastern this month as we’re looking far afield for our miniatures. We’ve packed a lot into this issue – from a look inside a stunning 1:20 scale Japanese inn to exploring a major new dolls’ house exhibition in Istanbul. We interview the creators of a stunning Asian-inspired 1:48 scale family home and take a behind-the-scenes look at how professional miniature mouldings are created. For the DIYers among you, we’ve got plenty of projects that will suit any style of dolls’ house, from a polymer clay tea set to make, to a modern kimono-style wrap to sew. We even show you how to use metal clay to create a 1:24 scale serving tray. Plus, with dolls’ house gardening projects and ideas, inspiration pages, the latest reviews and great giveaway prizes to win – we’ve got all you need for this month’s miniature fix!


Above: Look inside a 1:20 scale Japanese ryokan

Japanese Tea Set

Above: Make your own polymer clay tea set

Istanbul Feature

Above: Brand new dolls' house exhibition in Istanbul

Sakura Flowers

Above: Create a miniature cherry blossom branch

1-48 Scale Asian House

Above: Explore this 1:48 scale Asian-inspired modern home


Origami furniture

Katie Holloway

Katie Holloway

16 January 2015

It seems that paper dolls' houses are an upcoming trend - I've seen a few projects recently, and with the recent publication of The Origami Home by Mark Bolitho, I thought it was high time I explored further.

I thought that a 'simple' chair would be a lovely project to fit nicely into any dolls' house setting. So, instructions in hand, I went about making the first folds. Fairly quickly my piece of paper looked like this:

 Chair 1

Definitely not a chair, but certainly well-folded, I was optimistic and carried on, following each step carefully. After a while, I'd constructed some fairly impressive legs, though I feel it resembles the shape of a chicken prepped for the oven, rather than something I'd happily let my dolls sit on.

Chair 2

After some swift finger manouvers, though, things really started to take shape and I felt much more hopeful:

Chair 3

And before I knew it (well, after a few tweakings, and, if I'm being honest, a small amount of sellotape...) I had a completed chair!

Chair 4

Now all that was left was to place it in a home-like setting! What do you think?! Will you be venturing into the world of paper dolls' house furniture?

Chair Final

Dolls' House 201 sneak peek

Katie Holloway

Katie Holloway

6 January 2015

DH202 Small

Fend off the weather this month with our warm, cosy and oh-so-sweet issue of The Dolls’ House magazine! Escape into a 1:12 scale tearoom and read about how it was put together. Discover how the amazing miniature artist Christine-Léa Frisoni, author of The Big Book of a Miniature House, creates her luxurious yet shabby chic style in our exclusive interview. We show you how to embroider a design onto bed linen, how to create a polymer clay cane and how to sew a Victorian cloak. Plus, we’ve got great giveaway prizes to win, top book and website reviews, real-size inspiration and interviews with well-known miniaturists including Carol Cook and Stéphanie Kilgast of PetitPlat Miniatures. Keep it cosy with our cheerful miniatures!

Time For Tea

Above: A look inside Irene McCulloch's 1:12 scale tearooms


Above: Roast chicken project by Lynn Allingham

Throw And Cushions (1)

Above: Knitted throw and cushions pattern by Frances Powell

Strawberry Polymer Cane

Above: Technique - how to make a polymer clay cane by Lynn Allingham

L'atelier De Lea

Above: Interview with Christine-Léa Frisoni

Winter Cloak And Muff

Above: Winter cloak and muff project by Janet Harmsworth