It's always sunny over the dolls' house

Christiane Berridge

Christiane Berridge

6 January 2014

For many of us today heralds the start of the first full week back in the office. My new wall calender (showing minature scenes) is pristine and promising, like the ghost of Christmas present when Scrooge first meets him, but I know it'll all be rather dog-eared by the end of 2014.

But what a gloomy start to 2014 given the terrible weather! As I look out of the office window the sun is actually shining, but it was a sharp contrast to the blowing winds and stair-rod rainfall of earlier in the day. My heart goes out to any of you clearing flood damage! Our designer here on The Dolls' House magazine was telling me how his house was without power for five days over Christmas thanks to the stormy weather causing power cuts in the rural area where he lives. It did sound grim, although thankfully with an aga and wood burning stove there was at least heat and the ability to cook food (though lots did go to waste as the freezer and fridge went out of action). Yes, there were candles at Christmas but through neccesity rather than choice!

Such calamities never happen in the dolls' house world. There may be wellington boots and umbrellas in the hallway but I am never convinced that they are ever used (rather like the wooden sledge!). The minature weather forecast is always for sunshine, and the flowers in the garden (and vegetables in the little allotment) still grow despite the lack of rain! Is it no wonder that we love our miniature worlds so much?