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Christiane Berridge

Christiane Berridge

24 February 2014

I love reading about people who make stuff; anything creative although best of all, miniatures. Surfing the net recently I came across Tim Holtz, the Creative Director of Ranger Industries. He had a great quote on his website:

“In a world where the moments of our lives can be captured and created in art of the everyday, it’s important it reflects our own unique personality. Finding just the right objects, accents, and tools to use are most important. Whatever your artistic vision is, exploring the imaginative is a chance for our creativity to escape understanding. Remember life isn’t about finding yourself – life is about creating yourself…”

Tim Holtz _pic


I think this is just as applicable to the miniaturist creating their dolls' house; just the right object, just the right tool..don't we all have that Eureka moment when we find them?

I'm off to create myself right this minute!

All sewn up

Christiane Berridge

Christiane Berridge

20 February 2014

As BBCs 'Great British Sewing Bee' kicked off its second series this week we're all talking about the show format. Of course we are just as interested in the personalities of the contestants as in the actual sewing challenges. I felt so sorry for Cliff, bowing out through ill health. I know Cliff as a fellow tango dancer (where is and his partner are always beautifully attired). You may remember my blog last year when I mentioned that the camera crew had come along to one of our tango dances to film Cliff, to provide that bibliographic footage. Sadly I won't see whether there would have been a glimpse of me in the background.

For those of us actually do sew (rather than aspiring to do so but never actually putting thread to fabric), the star of the show is that incredible workroom. Who wouldn't want to have those facilities (as opposed to the kitchen table)? Shelves stuffed full of sumptuous fabrics there for the picking, racks of ribbon and trims galore, a large work table, and that fabulous view across the Thames. 

Karen and I were discussing how wonderful it would be to make such a set up in miniature. An old riverside warehouse is a great starting point - so you'd need to adapt the front of a dolls' house with brickwork, shutters maybe, a hook and hoist, and some faded signage. I'm thinking that a tall thin dolls' house building would be a good basis.

Inside - well lots of tables, sewing machines, mannequins and materials! You could even create an upper floor (spiral staircase?) to continue the theme or include a fashion design studio. Add a film crew too if you feel adventurous.

While we have seen lots of wonderful 1:12 scale habberdashery shops, the majorty are from a by-gone age; Victorian or Edwardian. The Great British Sewing Bee shows us a blueprint for a modern interpretation that could be just as rewarding to assemble. Time to get busy I think.

With sewing in mind pop across to our Facebook page to find some sewing related prizes!

Love it!

Christiane Berridge

Christiane Berridge

13 February 2014

Valentine's Day isn't always a bed of roses. It's great for those with a special partner to snuggle up next to...or if there is a potential romance in the air, but for singletons it can rub salt into the wound. Being surrounded by shops resplendent with big red heart motifs in their window displays it does little to cheer. And right now, given the weather, there are a lot of us who are feeling down in the dumps.

My solution to the Valentine's Day love-fest is to treat myself. I am my own centre of attention for the day. This friday I am not at work, so I'm starting off with a long lie-in, no doubt catching Desert Island Discs on Radio 4 before I surface. I can check my emails and Facebook thanks to my Ipad. Not only that, but I can read The Dolls' House magazine on it too courtesy of a handy little App. Infact, loving the App so much there's 25% discount on a 12 month subscription just for Valentine's Day. Go to www.pocketmags.com to find out the details.

Valetines app

Valentine's Day gives me a reason to eat chocolates without feeling guilty. But I'm saving mine for the evening when I have a date with my favourite people. I'm meeting up with my sister and my mum to go to the theatre. We're seeing a production of 'Avenue Q' - in which my son has a staring role, so I'll be bursting with maternal pride. Feel the love, oh yes!