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Christiane Berridge

Christiane Berridge

24 March 2014

I have to admit to cheating when it came to watching last night's final installment of ITV's series, Mr Selfridge. I had already done a little internet search about Rose Selfridge and her health issues. I knew it was curtains for her long before Harry Selfridge looked so shocked as the final episode of the current series drew to a close. Poor old Rose, so put upon but so saintly in demeanor. I can't work out if she was  a trophey-wife or simply a clever woman who knew what side her bread was buttered on. But that dropped slice has now landed butter-side down. We will have to wait until next year to find out what is in store for the Selfridge family.

Then this morning I received the July batch of letters from our maids series from their author. Now of course, while you have yet to read those waiting in May and June's issues I have the whole picture. And I must say, I am touched at the conclusion - for yes, I admit it now, the July issue sees the last in the series.

Unlike Mr Selfridge  our maids, Maud, Pearl, Daisy and Fleur have no actors inhabiting their fictional skin, so I have created images in my head. No doubt my picture of our quartet is nothing like yours - but that's fine, that's the fun. But I love them and I will really, really miss them. Stephanie Richards has created such a vivacious group of women, and I have enjoyed our own correspondence as well as theirs.

I hope that somewhere someone has created our maids in miniature and given them a dolls' house so that they can live on.


The maids series also appears on the Crafts Institute as a short story. You can read the latest installement here.

Woodn't it be lovely

Christiane Berridge

Christiane Berridge

6 March 2014

I love Folksy, I'm totally envious of all of the talents of the craftspeople making such beautiful items. I'm totally envious of anyone with spare money to buy it all! But I am totally addicted to looking at the site whenever an email notifcation comes through. Is there a help group available that I can join?

The latest 'must have' can be seen here and I'm rather smitten. Not that it exactly suits my real house but for the dolls' house that I am planning in my head, oh yes! It's the 'rustic modern' tag you see that has caught my eye. My dream dolls' house was all going shabby chic until I saw I'm changing my mind.

I am pretty sure that I can recreate this effect using different slices of wooden dowel, with maybe a nick taken out of the circumference to get that log slice effect. Maybe I could cut a real twig? What do you think?

OK, not one for the Georgian home...although - imagine the perfect period exterior but modern rustic interior like one of those upmarket hotels. I quite fancy that, and I could get away with some classic Georgian furniture too nestling in with the log baskets and woollen throws, crystal vases and chandeliers. Or, I could go whole hog down the rustic cabin route..Scottish HIghlands? Swiss chalet? Possibilities, possibilties. As long as Folksy don't send another tempting selection I'm hanging out here in my fantasy rustic modern dolls' house.