Origami furniture

Katie Holloway

Katie Holloway

16 January 2015

It seems that paper dolls' houses are an upcoming trend - I've seen a few projects recently, and with the recent publication of The Origami Home by Mark Bolitho, I thought it was high time I explored further.

I thought that a 'simple' chair would be a lovely project to fit nicely into any dolls' house setting. So, instructions in hand, I went about making the first folds. Fairly quickly my piece of paper looked like this:

 Chair 1

Definitely not a chair, but certainly well-folded, I was optimistic and carried on, following each step carefully. After a while, I'd constructed some fairly impressive legs, though I feel it resembles the shape of a chicken prepped for the oven, rather than something I'd happily let my dolls sit on.

Chair 2

After some swift finger manouvers, though, things really started to take shape and I felt much more hopeful:

Chair 3

And before I knew it (well, after a few tweakings, and, if I'm being honest, a small amount of sellotape...) I had a completed chair!

Chair 4

Now all that was left was to place it in a home-like setting! What do you think?! Will you be venturing into the world of paper dolls' house furniture?

Chair Final

Dolls' House 201 sneak peek

Katie Holloway

Katie Holloway

6 January 2015

DH202 Small

Fend off the weather this month with our warm, cosy and oh-so-sweet issue of The Dolls’ House magazine! Escape into a 1:12 scale tearoom and read about how it was put together. Discover how the amazing miniature artist Christine-Léa Frisoni, author of The Big Book of a Miniature House, creates her luxurious yet shabby chic style in our exclusive interview. We show you how to embroider a design onto bed linen, how to create a polymer clay cane and how to sew a Victorian cloak. Plus, we’ve got great giveaway prizes to win, top book and website reviews, real-size inspiration and interviews with well-known miniaturists including Carol Cook and Stéphanie Kilgast of PetitPlat Miniatures. Keep it cosy with our cheerful miniatures!

Time For Tea

Above: A look inside Irene McCulloch's 1:12 scale tearooms


Above: Roast chicken project by Lynn Allingham

Throw And Cushions (1)

Above: Knitted throw and cushions pattern by Frances Powell

Strawberry Polymer Cane

Above: Technique - how to make a polymer clay cane by Lynn Allingham

L'atelier De Lea

Above: Interview with Christine-Léa Frisoni

Winter Cloak And Muff

Above: Winter cloak and muff project by Janet Harmsworth