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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The creative force behind Hummingbird Miniatures and Pixie Dust Miniatures answers our quick questions

1. In the miniatures world I'm best know for… realistic food and original fairytale miniatures in one inch and half inch scale.

2. Period perfectionist or anything goes? Most of my Hummingbird Miniatures food is contemporary (with some Victorian and Tudor ranges available) and my fairytale and spooky Pixie Dust Miniatures ranges are mostly based on old-school myths, folklore and magical stories, with the odd 'Harry Potter' themed item creeping in by popular request.

3. My favourite scale is…  one inch scale.

4. When I'm not making miniatures, I'm…  working in the film industry in Los Angeles as a miniature model maker. I'm currently working on a stop-motion film with all miniature scale sets and hand-sculpted characters.

5. My best moment was… possibly working on Harry Potter helping to build Hogsmead Village as a miniature scale model. It was one of my first jobs out of film school. 

6. My most embarrassing memory is... I can't think of an embarrassing moment which relates to miniatures, but a memory which springs to mind is from school days. Whilst performing in a play at age 18, a fellow actor was meant to pretend to hit me and knock me down. He accidentally struck me and I had a horrendous nosebleed on stage whilst delivering my monologue in front of a large audience.

7. My dream dolls' house would look like... I'm probably the only miniaturist not to own a dolls' house. However, as I work in film, building miniature sets, I have miniature set pieces of all kinds surrounding me in my workshop. My dream piece would be the full fantasy set I need to complete for my short film Myrtle the Witch. I'm currently building several one inch scale sets for this at the moment.

8. I'd love to have dinner with…  Jim Henson, one of my biggest inspirations in life.

9. The best advice I've ever had was… something I was taught when taking sculpting classes in Los Angeles. That is to sculpt/create something based on a real reference, not a copy of a reference. So I make my food as realistic as possible by having real food in front of me, not photos of food.

10. My favourite film is… Dr Zhivago.


Find out more at www.tall-tales.com

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