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Katie Holloway

Katie Holloway

22 April 2013

Hello everyone!

I thought it was high time I shared with you some of the projects I've been making lately. Now, you may or may not be dying to see the tiara I made myself for my wedding, so here is a photo. It was a simple wire wrapping project with glass flower beads in clears, pearls and whites. I have to say, I'm pretty proud of how it turned out! 

(You may also notice the dashing knitted tie my husband is wearing - yep, that's my handiwork too).


I've also been inspired by our stunning cover of the May issue of MJ, and have been dying to have a go at some soutache. I had some satin cord anyway, so I thought I would have a go with that. It, like us all, is a work in progress, so it's a bit wibbly still (possibly due to the fact that I'm not using proper soutache cord!) 


Absolute Beads

Katie Holloway

Katie Holloway

15 April 2013

The gorgeous Celebrity Style project by Tansy Wilson in our May 2013 issue shows you how to make a stunning necklace in the style of Katy Perry. All the beads and findings can be purchased at

The Absolute Beads email address was incorrectly printed in the magazine, and it should read 

Celeb Style

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