Sneak peek at our December issue on sale 20 Nov!

Katy Evans

Katy Evans

19 November 2014


Ahh Christmas. Not enough sparkle and you're the Grinch, too much and you're the festive episode of Eastenders. It's a fine line, getting it right, and we at Knitting HQ love the Christmas period so spend an extra amount of time and effort making sure we do get it right. And this year we think we've got it pretty near perfect. 

Our December issue brings you a beautiful collection of glamorous, elegant and warm knits that ooze style and will take you through any festive occasion looking, frankly, the best dressed person in the room. Don't just take our word for it, have a look.

Aspen Main _5656 Karolin Main _5913 (2)
Cable & Fairisle Main _5720 Horseshoe Main _5816

We also have some fantastic jumpers to keep you warm and snuggly, and, of course, still on-trend. You can't move for faux fur this year, whether in pretty pastels or funky brights. We went for this gorgeous icy blue to stay on the right side of taste. With Christmas jumpers on the other hand, taste doesn't ussully come in to it. We had some fantastic entries to our Christmas jumper design competition but Lesley Fidler's Christmas boxes was a clear winner. Fun, classic and beautifully made, we all wanted to take this one home.  

Snowdrop Main _5983 (1) Christmas Boxes Main _7075

We also have some fantastic accessories in this issue. Whether you want to whip them up as presents or keep them for yourself is up to you (we won't judge).

Bobble Wrap Main _6011  Mittens Main _5589
Sequin Cushion Main _5564 Stocking Main _55691

Also, don't miss in this issue:

  • 30 relaxed knits - women's, men's, children's, babies, home and accessories
  • EXCLUSIVE patterns – Horseshoe lace jumper, Beaded peplum top, Snowdrops jumper, Cable and Fairisle jumper, Christmas Boxes jumper, Aspen sweater, Beaded lace jumper, Luxury cardigan, Class Act men's sweater
  • EXCLUSIVE Accessories – Luxury bobble wrap, Pretty Fairisle mitts, Christmas stocking, Bedroom throw, Sequin cushion
  • Cute knits for kids - Boy's jumper and ear hat, Boy's hooded jumper, Girl's Norwegian jumper, Girl's cardigan, Penguin toy, Snowflake bear
  • EXTRA 'GIFTS TO KNIT' – Snowstorm wrist warmers, Cha-Ching mitts, Mori collar and houndstooth bobble hat, Swingboat chunky scarf, Camilla cable hat, Short row ruffles shawl, Cracking Christmas dog coat, Rosebud party pumps, Bunny toy
  • Spotlight on - Simmer and sparkle
  • FEATURE Twentieth Centruy Knits – Explore the KNITWEAR Chanel to Westwood exhibition at the Fashion and Textile Museum
  • FEATURE The Great Christmas Knit Off - Meet author Alexandra Brown and your chance to win a copy of her book!
  • DESIGN COMPETITION - Design a teddy for Hope for Chldren

And, of course, all the usual news, reviews, competitions, products and events you expect from your favourite Knitting magazine.


KNITWEAR Chanel to Westwood exhibition

Katy Evans

Katy Evans

8 October 2014


I was lucky enough, when I was up in London last week, to be invited to visit the KNITWEAR Chanel to Westwood exhibition at the Fashion and Textile Museum. Now like any sane, fabulous-fashion loving knitter I have been looking forward to this exhibition, a major respective of 20th century vintage knitwear from the incredible personal archives of Mark and Cleo Butterfield, vintage collectors extraordinaire (think any vintage high fashion shoot or TV programme featuring original garments, it was theirs). I wasn't expecting to have Celia Joicey, Head of the FTM to show me around and tell me about the vision behind the exhibition though!

When I visited, the FTM was hosting art students from Newham College, which now runs the Museum, so that explains the many bodies on the floor, fervently sketching!

Before you even enter the exhibition proper there is a room off to the left hosting a mini exhibition, Visionary Knitwear, that is curated by Professor Sandy Black. I was particularly interested to see this bit, not only because the amazing leopard print Fairsle of ubercool British knitwear brand Sibling pretty much leapt out and grabbed me, but because Sandy is a fellow Brightonian and judge of the Knitted Textile Awards, co-sponored by us so having met her few times I was curious to see what she would include.


The knitwear was pretty out there and I was pleased to see a former finalist of the KTAs included as well as well-known designers like Mark Fast and even the 2012 Nike Flyknits running shoes. (I'm looking forward to Sandy's talk with KNITWEAR curator Dennis Nothdruft at the Knitting & Stitiching Show on Friday too!)

The entrance to the exhibition is brilliant. I loved the use of the giant crates to display chronologically the eras, progressing from 1920s Chanel-style twinsets, through 1930s swim and activewear, 1940s 'Make do and mend' and 1950s glam, the popularisation of Fairisle and folk knits. The wonderful thing about displaying the knits this way is that the crates gave a certain air of having just been opened to reveal a moment frozen in time. It was wonderfully nostalgic and very clever. 


IMG_5493 (1)

IMG_5490 (1)






Up the stairs and on the next floor was another mini exhibition-within-the exhibtion, Knitwear in Fashion Photography, displaying some gorgeous prints from the Norman Parkinson archive and by Terence Donovan for Vogue, Harper's Bazaar and Queen magazines. Damn, knitwear looks cool!

The second floor housed the more contemporary knits from '80s novelty knitwear to 90s innovation, showing off just how versatile knitting can be.




The Julien MacDonald garments were stunning, reminding me that pre-Debenhams and Strictly, MacDonald actually created daring knitwear for Alexander McQueen, eventually taking over from him as creative director of Givenchy.


I have to adimt, this was my favourite piEce in the exhibition as I was very tempted to pluck it off it's mannequin and put it on. I'd totally wear this!


All in all, I was really pleased at the emphasis this exhibition put on the innovation and progression in bold and daring designs knitwear allows, really pushing the boundaries of functionality as well as fashion. I loved the vintage aspect of it and the knits are in incredible condition (how are they stored, I'm dying to know!) but it never rested on its laurels of just looking great, it showcased at every turn how knitwear has expanded both technically and fahionably in every decade of the 20th century.

Don't miss our full article on the exhibition in our December issue, on sale 20 November.

The Fashion and Textile Museum is at 83, Bermondsey Street, London SE1 3XF. Find out more at


Sneak peek at our BUMPER Autumn Fashion October issue!

Katy Evans

Katy Evans

18 September 2014

We can't believe it. It's that time again, our second bumper fashion issue of the year is rolling out as we speak!

It seems as if we've been working on the A/W fashion trends forever - well, Fashion weeks across the world for this season were back in February, so we sort of have. And of coure, with London Fashion Week only just over, we're already casting a keen eye on the trends to come for Spring/Summer 2015 (you can even head to our Pinterest page to see out latest S/S15 board!)

For our October issue we've narrowed down our galleries to two trend stories; Oversized and Autumn Brights.

Everything on the A/W14 catwalk came in oversized: extra long sleeves, giant roll necks, chunky cables, interesting textures, chunky yarns... nice and easy to translate to your needles!

Textured Funnel Main Poncho Main
Marshmallow Main Cable Jumper Main

Many of the key colours featured for this season focused on oranges, rusts, ox blood and amber. Gorgeous autumn colours!

Amelia Main Garter Main

Slouchy Devine Main Campadaglio Main

Of course with a fantastic 40 patterns we also have some gorgeous Accessories and Home knits too...

Wristwarmers Main Chevron Throw Main
Socks Main Kindle Cover Main _1187

... plus much more! Don't miss in this issue:

  • 40 new season knits - 18 women's, 4 men's, 6 children's, 2 toys, 4 home and 6 accessories
  • Spotlight on - Sculpted knits
  • TREND REPORT – Fashion forecast A/W14
  • FEATURE – The addiction of Pinterest
  • Knitting & Stitching Show 2014 - info and discounts!
  • DESIGN COMPETITION - Design a vintage-inspired knit

And, of course, all the usual news, reviews, competitions, products and events you expect from your favourite Knitting magazine.


Sneak peek at our Autumn issue on sale Thurs 28 Aug!

Katy Evans

Katy Evans

18 August 2014


I loved this shoot. Hands down, my favourite this year. A beautiful day, a beautiful location in sunny Kent, a fabulous and gorgeous model and lots of lovely, rich, bohemian-inspired, autumny knits.

Just look at this pic below. If that isn't the start of a beautiful gallery, I don't know what is!



IMG_5009 IMG_5007

This gorgeous kimono jacket has gone straight to the top of our list of mid-season wants!

IMG_5016 IMG_5020


Ooooh, I think this might be cover...!


IMG_5045 IMG_5050


So, what do you think? We're torn between mourning the loss of proper summer (it all went away a bit suddenty for our liking) and being really excited about the new autumn season, all those warm rich colours and opportunities to wrap up in gorgeous and snuggly knits!

Sneak peek at our September issue on sale Thurs 31 July!

Katy Evans

Katy Evans

24 July 2014


Oh September, what are we to do with you. You mark the end of summer, the end of summer holidays, back to school, back to work... to be honest, does anybody look forward to September? 

Well yes, actually. The first hint of autumn, the excitement of new season fashion, trends, colours and textures. There's a lot to enjoy about the start of a new season.

But for now, it feels like an inbetweeny stage, so this issue brings you a beautiful collection of relaxed knits, perfect for the transition from summer into autumn. So, as your holiday memories fade with your tan, sit back and enjoy this issue of Knitting. Don't be cross with September, look forward to what you can knit next instead!

Boyfriend Cardi Main _8205 Ballad Main _8086
Keyhole Main _8468 Knot St Main _8046 (1)

Simple shapes, pretty detailing and a muted palette will take you nicely into that end of summer/start of autumn season. 

Shawl Main _8276 Lace Sleeve Main _8375 Socks Main _8430Yoke Jumper Main _8316

Also, don't miss in this issue:

  • 20 relaxed knits - women's, men's, children's, babies, home and accessories
  • EXCLUSIVE patterns – Boyfriend cardigan, Raglan top, Double moss sts top, Knot st jumpr, Lace sleeve top, Little arrowhead yoke jumper, Keyhole jumper
  • EXCLUSIVE Accessories – Throw-on shawl, floor cushion, throw, socks
  • Cute knits for kids - Lace border cardigan, Boy's zipped jacket, Lace diamond beanie, Pirate boots, Sock monkey
  • Spotlight on - Colour pop!
  • FEATURE Just an illusion – Meet the shadow knitters of Woolly Thoughts
  • DESIGN COMPETITION - Design a Christmas jumper!

And, of course, all the usual news, reviews, competitions, products and events you expect from your favourite Knitting magazine.









Sneak peek at our July issue on sale Thurs 5 June!

Katy Evans

Katy Evans

29 May 2014


We're not sure when the British Summertime is actually planning on showing up (or at least sticking around) so for now we'll have to make do with our gorgous, bright and summery July issue, on sale next Thursday 5 June.

Inspired by bright, fun colours covering the full spectrum of weather-depending summer garments; vests, tops, jumpers, cover ups and accessories, including a very cool obi belt, there should be something for everyone, come rain or shine!

Flower Lace Jumper Main _5343 Chevron Cardi Main _5683 (1)
Scarf Main _5603 Sirdar Main 01_5764

No shrinking violets here!

Impact Main _5579 Silk Leaf Top Main _5298 Silk Cardigan Main _5447 (1) Obi Belt Main _5791

Also, don't miss in this issue:

  • 20 Colourful summer knits - women's, men's, children's, babies, home and accessories
  • EXCLUSIVE patterns – Chevron cardigan, Silk cardigan, Waterfall jacket, Lace draped cardigan, Flower lace jumper, Silk leaf top, Impact
  • EXCLUSIVE Accessories – Ombre scarf, obi belt, linen bag, Picnic blanket
  • Cute knits for kids - Girl's party top, Snapped V-neck boy's cardi, Little Sailor hoodie, Ballerina slippers, Parrot toy
  • Spotlight on - Get gingham
  • FEATURE Festival fever – The rise of the yarn festival! What it takes and why now?

And, of course, all the usual news, reviews, competitions, products and events you expect from your favourite Knitting magazine.


Sneak peek behind the scenes of our August shoot

Katy Evans

Katy Evans

23 May 2014

Yep, it's August already. Can you believe it? OK, it's not quite August but we held our August issue photo shoot last week and are already planning our Sept one so there is a slight feeling of 'end of summer' in the air, even though it hasn't actually started yet!

August shoots are always tricky. It's a high summer issue so we want to shoot outside, but you just never know with our good ol' British weather, so you just have to take a punt on it. We were lucky there was no rain and we actually had quite a sunny day, although combined with the rather strong breeze coming off the harbour and the water reflecting the sunlight we did play many a game of 'sunglasses swap' to keep poor model Isobel's eyes turning from sparkling blue to squinting red.

Chichester harbour also seemed a spectacular place to start playing around with my newly discovered panoramic function on my phone. Looks pretty good, right? (I love my job)



So onto the knits! A summery, sailory mix of T-shirts, tops and jumpers to cover all weather options!

Cream Gansey Poncho

Denim Jumper Diamond Cardi

For those who think modelling is easy, as you can see here, we are all wrapped up against the wind in our jackets and sunglasses while Isobel had to smile and look engaging while pretending not to be freezing, blinded by the light or irritated by her hair whipping around her head. Patience of a saint that girl! 


Breton Tee Waterfalls

So there you go folks, a little glimpse into what's coming up this summer. Hope you like it! The August issue is on sale 3rd July.

But before we get to this, don't miss our gorgeous bright and fun July issue, on sale 5th June!

K130 Final Cover (1)



Spring essentials

Katy Evans

Katy Evans

1 April 2014


Most people associate knitting with the colder season but spring is great time to cast on some lovely, lighter, brighter projects. Here is some inspiration to help you decide what to cast on next, with some spring essential knitting ideas.

With Easter on its way, these egg cosies and placemats are a cute addition to the breakfast table. (From issue 114, April 2013)

Placemats & Egg Cosy _2690

Spring is the start of wedding season. For a chic little cover up this shrug is perfect. (From issue 118 August 2013)

Shrug Main _9373

And what wedding outfit is complete without a little bag? (From issue 116 June 2013)

Lace Bag _6341

Of course, you can't be too carefeul in spring, best have a lovely jumper on the go just in case. (From issue 116 June 2013)

Slip Stitch Jumper Main _6277

Or possibly even a light jacket to keep the evening chill at bay. (From issue 115 May 2013)

Dingle Main

Although you never know, heatwaves are not unheard of in April. This picnic set will set you up for some alfresco eating. (From issue 117 July 2013)

Picnic Collection Main _7741
And, of course, our gorgeous May issue, full of pretty spring knits plus 5 extra simple summer knits, goes on sale next Thursday for lots more spring inspiration!

K128 Final Cover


Sneak peek/behind the scenes of our May issue

Katy Evans

Katy Evans

31 March 2014


I'm excited for our May issue to come out, it feels like the perfect time for our gorgeous knits and beautiful shoot to be revealed. The sun is shining, the weather is warmer, the flowers are springing up everywhere and we are ready for something a bit brighter, lighter and fresher.

The shoot was good fun too and I think this comes across in my snaps. We had a beautiful house in Brighton, Tiffany, our gorgeous model, was good fun and everything went swimmingly. If only all shoots went like this!


I do love a bit of decoupage





Tea break... nice



Anything works as a prop, including bins




What you looking at?


This issue also comes with a FREE set of painted wooden buttons for each reader and a simple, chic cardigan pattern to show them off!
 Buttons _1650 (3)



Pretty, yes? I'm afraid you'll have to wait until next Thursday, 10 April, for this issue to go on sale (subscribers should get it this weekend!) but it's good to know, Spring is on its way!


Sneak peek at our April issue – on sale Thursday 13 March

Katy Evans

Katy Evans

6 March 2014


Spring has finally sprung (hopefull we are not being lulled into a false sense of security, it has been known to snow in April here!), the daffodils, snow drops and cherry blossoms are all coming out and we can finally turn our thoughts to spring knitting – which in all fairness just means slightly lighter yarns and the idea of layering.

This issue was inspired by the Modern Preppy look, a classic British style that comes around every spring in some kind of guise or with a new twist and never goes out of style because it always looks great.

Spring is the perfect time for clean lines, fresh colours and sharp layered dressing. Kick off your winter boots, grab a pair of brogues and step out into the sunshine!

Argyle Main _1944 Retro Cable Main _1895
Lilac Jumper Main _1702 Twist Cable Main _1866

Also, don't miss in this issue:

  • 25 Modern Preppy fresh spring looks - women's, men's, children's, babies, home and accessories
  • 16 EXTRA PAGES - 5 Man & Boy patterns – Estefan tank top, Diamond sweater, boy's moss st hoody, Jacquard sweater, boy's cabled cardigan
  • EXCLUSIVE patterns – Cricket dress, Retro cable sweater, Argyle cardigan, Twisted cable jumper, cricket style top, Man's cable sweater
  • EXCLUSIVE Accessories – Preppy socks, scarf and cushion, Fairisle Argyle bag, Lacy clutch
  • Cute knits for kids - Baby girl cardigan, Green & white cardi, Avery pullover, Boy's v-neck jumper, Little Miss Mouse toy
  • Spotlight on - Neutral tones
  • FEATURE Have a go! – How to build your knitting confidence

And, of course, all the usual news, reviews, competitions, products and events you expect from your favourite Knitting magazine.