International Women's Day - Jemima Schlee

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

To celebrate International Women’s Day, we’ve spoken to some female crafters to find out what inspires them.

I learnt to sew and knit at a very early age - apparently I was pretty adept by the age of three, according to my older sister (whom has always been slightly more adept than me!). Knitting was my grandmother's domain, sewing my mother's - both women born and bred on the east coast of America in New England - their skills, practical, beautiful and economical, have been passed down through generations.

This paisley knitting bag of my grandmother's has been visited by the dreaded moth, hence my embroidered additions to save knitting needles slipping through. The needle book with birds beautifully designed and stitched by mother in the 1950's has 'pages' of pinking-edged cream wool - it too has had beads and buttons replaced over the years... Both are simple, practical and comfortingly familiar - inherited reminders of two wonderful women, both of whom were practical and comforting, but neither remotely simple! My daughter will take up the mantel of patching and fixing... I too taught her at a very young age!

Jemima Schlee’s latest book, Take a Tin (GMC, £12.99), is released on 7th April.




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