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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Katy Evans has a quick Q&A with Wool School winner and designer-to-watch Henrietta Jerram

Meet Henrietta Jerram, Kingston University graduate and winner of the Campaign for Wool's Wool School initiative, whose brilliant knitwear collection will be sold in Topshop for the duration of Wool Week 15-21 October. Take note now, you'll be seeing much more of her in the future!

Q. How did you get into knitting?

A. I learnt to knit when I was quite young - but only ever got as far as half a scarf.  I really got into it in second year at Uni.  It's amazing how satisfying sampling is when you can do it yourself and see an instant result.  It was a great time to learn about different yarns and to experiment with techniques.  I then also started to hand knit again and combine both hand and machine knits in my work.


Q. How did you first hear about the Wool School initiative?  Tell us about what that involved and how you were paired up with Topshop.

A. A representative came to Topshop as they had selected Kingston to work with them on the wool school initiative.  The project sounded so fantastic I just had to get involved - as it was for such a great cause and such an amazing prize, I couldn't turn it down.


Q. What was your inspiration for the brilliant jumper?

A. It was really important for me to well and truly represent the campaign for wool in my designs and also to not forget the client - Topshop.  I thought about being quite tongue in cheek and started thinking up lots of wool/sheep related puns.  I paired that with a fun Fairisle-esq pattern using a sheep I had drawn.  I then had to whittle it down to the final design, which was tough. 


Q. How excited were you when you first saw the jumper knitted up and modelled for Topshop?

A. Incredibly excited.  I have been able to do something most graduates only dream about.  I wasn't expecting a mention in any magazines or papers and thought one would be amazing, so to receive this much press and be able to go into Topshop and actually purchase one of my own designs - it's hard to beat.


Q. Are you planning a career in fashion knitwear?  Do you have any advice for anyone hoping to follow in similar footsteps?

A.Hard work! You have to be prepared to totally immerse yourself in it, and the harder you work the better the results.  I find knitwear so inspiring and I am most certainly going to pursue a career in it.  I am off to the USA in a week as I have got a job with Abercrombie and Fitch as an associate designer.


You can find out more abut Henrietta at and you can buy her brilliant jumpers instore at Topshop or from their website.

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