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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Get to know the team behind your favourite Knitting magazine.

Meet Editor, Emma Kennedy


Who are you and what is your role?

I am Emma Kennedy and the Editor of Knitting. I have a background in textiles and interiors, and have been Editor for five years. I decide on the monthly themes, commissioning the designs, which editorial features to include and organising the photo shoots from locations to which model we use - all to be delivered each month to a very strict deadline (with a little help from the team!).

Tell us something about your job that readers might be surprised at.

Having worked as a muralist in a previous life, whenever we have a photoshoot that requires a painted backdrop, I step away from my desk, dig out my old brushes and whip up a backdrop. Be it a Parisienne street scene or a Winter Wonderland, I love painting and relish the opportunity to have a couple of days of 'paint therapy' in the studio with some good music and no emails, all in the name of Knitting.

The best thing about working at Knitting is...

Playing at being a fashion designer, without the hard work of having to execute the idea. A new yarn will arrive in the office and often we will have an idea of what style of garment we would like to see it knitted into. It is then a matter of choosing the right designer to swatch and sketch some ideas… and point out any reservations they may have with our ideas. Some designers are happy to work in this collaborative way, and others are happier to include the odd suggested tweak and be left alone to do their job!

The worst thing about working at Knitting is... 

Having to stick to budgets - as I am sure my publisher will confirm! But then the creative fun really starts when I have to achieve exactly what I want without compromise… Or indeed limitless funds!

When I'm not working I...

Am solving teenage dilemmas (on account of having three teenage boys), going to the gym (usually to escape the former) and rewarding myself with a meal and a good bottle of wine with friends and family… before getting back to my knitting!


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