Sue Culligan

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Pattern editor extraordinaire #2

Who are you and what do you do for Knitting magazine

Hi, my name is Sue Culligan and I work as a pattern checker for Knitting magazine.


What is the best thing about working for Knitting magazine?

I am really lucky to have been involved with Knitting since issue 1, originally writing the yarn review, which meant receiving samples of all the new yarns before they were released and now as a pattern checker so I get to preview the lovely patterns before they are printed - perfect!


When and how did you get into knitting (the craft, not the mag!)?

I learnt to knit as a small child and have never stopped since. After doing a graphic design course I went on to run my own business designing children's knits. I became obsessed with the gorgeous yarns I was using so started selling them in my shop, Kangaroo, and ended up with an on-line business stocking a full range of yarns. After 30 years of retail I decided it was time for a new project so sold the website and started up.


When I'm not busy being part of Team Knitting I'm…  

… running my new business Knitting Holidays in France. These are five day residential knitting and crochet workshops and retreats at my home in South West France. The holidays are fully inclusive so I spend time between each booking trying out new recipes and wines and sourcing the best yarn shops and cafes for our guests to visit.


Describe your crafty self in three words: 

Experimental, artistic, contented.


If you could only use one yarn and/or one stitch for the rest of your life what would it be?

Rowan Cotton Glace and moss stitch.



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