Yarn review from Knitting issue 121, October 2013

Friday, November 8, 2013

Jeanette Sloan delves into more new yarns for autumn

1. Bergere de France


 1 Bergere De France Soie

Made from 100% silk, Soie is a gently twisted yarn with a luxuriously soft handle that is part of a new premium concept range from Bergere de France. It is wonderfully smooth to work with, knitting to a standard tension of 26 sts and 33 rows, producing beautifully defined stitches with a bright, lustrous appearance and excellent drape. This is an indulgent yarn that brings glamour and sophistication to any project whether used for eveningwear garments or small accessories. If you’re looking for patterns, a new design featuring this yarn can be found in the Creations 2013/14 collection with further designs due for launch throughout the season. There’s a choice of nine solid shades including brights and more subtle shades, like the gentle Dragee shade 29431, shown here.  Gentle washing at 30˚c is recommended, may also be dry cleaned with care but do not iron.


Composition: 100% silk

Weight: 50g

Length: 165m

Rec needle size: 3mm

RRP: £12.95

Contact: Bergere de France

E: hello@bergeredefrance.co.uk

W: www.bergeredefrance.co.uk


2. Rico Design Fashion

Light Luxury

2 Rico Design Fashion Light Luxury

Light Luxury is an airily lightweight blend of 74% alpaca, 22% wool and 4% nylon. It has a lightly brushed effect, which makes it look dense and felted on the ball but when knitted up it has a far less dense appearance than you might imagine. The high alpaca content gives it a beautifully soft handle and its standard tension of 12 sts and 18 rows and generous metreage means that it takes just five balls for a size 14 sweater. There is a choice of eight colours available ranging from neutrals and classic monotones to vibrant brights like the acid yellow shade 002, shown here. Gentle washing at 30˚c is recommended.


Composition: 74% alpaca,
22% wool, 4% nylon

Weight: 50g

Length: 130m

Rec needle size: 6mm

RRP: £5.99

Contact: The Black Sheep

Partridge Lakes

Glaziers Lane




T: 01925 764231

W: www.blacksheepwools.com
or www.rico-design.co.uk 


3. Wendy


 3 Wendy Air

Air is a blend of 70% kid mohair and 30% nylon, which, as its name suggests, is extremely lightweight whilst guaranteeing warmth due to its high mohair content. It can be knitted on a number of needle sizes from 3.25 to 5mm to create a variety of effects that makes it particularly ideal for lacy accessory and garment designs. It also works well for crochet projects and designs for both can be found in a collection of individual leaflets featuring cowls, shawls, sweaters and cardigans. The palette of 12 shades ranges from classic neutrals like white, beige and grey to bright fashion colours such as shade 2616 Daisy, shown here.


Composition: 70% kid mohair, 30% nylon

Weight: 50g

Length: 200m

Rec needle size: 3.25-5mm 

RRP: £4.95

Contact: Thomas Ramsden Group

Netherfield Road


West Yorkshire

LS20 9PD

T: 01943 872264

E: sales@tbramsden.co.uk

W: www.tbramsden.co.uk


4. Schachenmayr Original


4 Schachenmayr Original Lova

With its shots of neon colour and chainette construction Lova is definitely a fashion-led yarn. It’s a chunky blend of acrylic, wool and polyamide with flashes of fluorescent colour occurring intermittently along the length of the yarn, which adds a pop of interest to the fabric when knitted. This yarn has been cleverly developed so that the base yarn, a neutral coloured wool blend, is contrasted with accents of neon colour. This is made possible by using an acrylic fibre to create these flashes, making them much brighter than could be achieved with a natural fibre. Its innovative colouring and easy-to-knit on large needles quality means this yarn is sure to appeal to younger knitters both male or female. There is a choice of eight shades including the beige-pink spot shade 00081, shown here. Gentle machine-washing at 30˚c on a wool cycle is recommended.


Composition: 67% acrylic, 30% wool, 3% polyamide

Weight: 50g

Length: 50m

Rec needle size: 9-11mm

RRP: £3.50

Contact: Coats Crafts UK

Green Lane Mill, Holmfirth

West Yorkshire  HD9 2DX

T: 01484 681881

E: consumer.ccuk@coats.com

W: www.coatscrafts.co.uk or www.knitsmc.com


5. Schachenmayr

Select Furiosa

5 Schachenmayr Select Furiosa

With a name that sounds like a spell from Hogwarts Furiosa is Schachenmayr Select’s take on this season’s trend for fur yarns. It’s a lightweight blend of 35% mohair, 35% virgin wool and 30% polyamide with the 2cm long fibres trapped into a knitted core, which provides the backbone of the yarn. The result is a soft and highly textured yarn that knits to a standard tension of 9 sts and 12 rows on 10mm needles giving a fur effect that works equally well for both garments and accessories. Designs for both can be found in the Moments 026 booklet and there are four key shades to choose from including shade 05116 Chinchilla, shown here. Hand wash only.


Composition: 35% mohair, 35% virgin wool, 30% polyamide

Weight: 50g

Length: 40m

Rec needle size: 10mm

RRP: £4.95

Contact: Coats Crafts UK

Green Lane Mill


West Yorkshire


T: 01484 681881

E: consumer.ccuk@coats.com

W: www.coatscrafts.co.uk or www.knitsmc.com


6. Rowan

Kidsilk Haze Eclipse

6 Rowan Kidsilk Haze Eclipse

Kidsilk Haze Eclipse sees the return of a lurex mix yarn to the Kidsilk Haze family. It’s a blend of 66% super kid mohair, 27% silk, 4% polyester and 3% nylon which is very similar to the now discontinued Kidsilk Night but with a slightly higher silk content. If you’ve knitted any of Rowan’s Kidsilk range before you’ll know how deliciously soft it is to knit. If not, prepare for a luxurious treat; knitting with this blend of fibres can be very addictive. It works wonderfully for lightweight garments and accessories and lends itself particularly well to delicate lace structures. There is a palette of eight classic shades to choose from with zodiac inspired names like Gemini, Capricorn and shade 00453 Aries, shown here. Patterns can be found in The Kidsilk Haze Eclipse Mini Collection. Cold hand washing at 30˚c is recommended.


Composition: 66% super kid mohair, 27% silk, 4% polyester, 3% nylon

Weight: 25g

Length: 200m

Rec needle size: 3.25-5mm

RRP: £8.80

Contact: Rowan

Green Lane Mill


West Yorkshire

T: 01484 681881

E: mail@knitrowan.com

W: www.knitrowan.com


7. Sublime

Luxurious Aran Tweed

7 Sublime Luxurious Aran Tweed

Luxurious Aran Tweed an unusual blend of 40% wool, 40% cotton and 20% llama. Made exclusively for Sublime in Argentina, it’s a softly twisted, multi-tonal yarn with tiny flecks of accent colours that provide additional texture to the subtle tweed effect. It has a beautifully rounded feel, which makes it wonderfully smooth to knit producing a supple, warm fabric with well-defined stitches. Although the llama content gives the yarn its luxurious feel it’s actually machine washable, making it an ideal yarn to use for all the family’s handknits. Patterns for men, women, kid and the home can be found in the Luxurious Aran Tweed Hand Knits book. Wash with care at 40˚c on a wool cycle and dry flat but do not iron.


Composition: 40% wool, 40% cotton, 20% llama

Weight: 50g

Length: 100m

Rec needle size: 5mm

RRP: £5.14

Contact: Sublime

Sirdar Spinning Ltd

Flanshaw Lane


West Yorkshire


T: 01924 371501
Sublime helpline: 01924 369666

E: contactus@sublimeyarns.com


8. Louisa Harding


8 Louisa Harding Luzia

Luzia is a dual-toned blend of viscose and nylon. Viscose fibres are attached to a nylon core that is knitted into a chain giving the yarn its strength. With a recommended needle size of 8mm it’s extremely quick to knit although with such a dense, texture you may need to watch out for rogue dropped stitches. The resulting fabric is furry and soft without being heavy and with a standard tension of 11 sts and 14 rows the stitches aren’t too densely squashed together either. It’s available in five jewel toned colours as well as more natural fur shades like Mink, Grizzly and shade 007 Otter shown above. This yarn gives a sophisticated effect when knitted on its own for large projects like sweaters or when used for small accessories like stoles and capelets. Patterns can be found in the Luzia booklet which includes projects that combine the furry texture of Luzia with the smooth Grace yarns. Dry clean with care and you should also avoid getting this yarn wet.


Composition: 80% viscose 20% nylon

Weight: 50g Length: 40m

Rec needle size: 8mm

RRP: £14.99

Contact: Designer Yarns Ltd

Units 8–10

Newbridge Industrial Estate

Pitt Street, Keighley

West Yorkshire  BD21 4PQ

T: 01535 664222

E: enquiries@designeryarns.uk.com

W: www.designeryarns.uk.com

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