Yarn Review from Knitting issue 126, March 2014

Friday, April 4, 2014

Jeanette Sloan tries out the newest yarn for the spring/summer season

1. Araucania

1 Araucania Molina
Araucania Molina is a well-rounded blend of 80% wool and 20% alpaca. It’s smooth to work with producing beautifully even results with a standard DK tension of 22 sts on a 4mm needle. Its colouring ensures that even plain stocking stitch looks special and as you’d expect from Araucania there is a tempting collection of 10 variegated shades in the range from the cool blues of shade 105 to the playful turquoise/magenta/sienna mix of shade 109, shown here. Pattern support can be found in the Molina pattern booklet which features five designs for women including simply shaped garments with details such as lace and cables as well as accessories. Gentle washing at 30°c is recommended, can also be dry-cleaned.

Composition: 80% wool,
20% alpaca
Weight: 50g
Length: 112m
Rec needle size: 4mm
RRP: £7.95
Contact: Designer Yarns Ltd
T: 01535 664222
E: enquiries@designeryarns.uk.com
W: www.designeryarns.uk.com

2. Bergere de France

2 Bergere De France Estivale
One of Bergere de France’s new yarns for S/S14, Estivale is a lustrous blend of 50% acrylic, 29% polyester and 21% hemp. The hemp content gives this gently marled yarn its dry handle, making it ideal for spring/summer, whilst tiny self-coloured sequins twisted along the length of the yarn add subtle shimmer. It knits up very evenly with a standard tension on 24 sts and 28 rows and the resulting fabric has a glossy appearance with the sequins scattered randomly throughout. There is a palette of 11 bright shades to choose from including shade 071 Azalee, shown here. Patterns for both women’s and children’s designs can be found in the new summer collections 172 and 173 for women and children. Gentle machine washing at 30°c is recommended but do not iron due to the sequins.

Composition: 50% acrylic,
29% polyester, 21% hemp
Weight: 50g
Length: 143m
Rec needle size: 3.5mm
RRP: £4.95
Contact: Bergere de France
E: hello@bergeredefrance.co.uk
W: www.bergeredefrance.co.uk  

3. Hand Spun
Afghanistan Cashmere

3 Hand Spun Afghanistan Cashmere
Hand Spun Afghanistan Cashmere is a genuinely luxurious yarn and a treat to knit with. Made from 100% cashmere it is produced by a women’s co-operative in rural Afghanistan in a project called Sustainable Cashmere, which is supported and developed by Nora Kravis, creator of Tuscany based Chianti Cashmere. The resulting fibre is super soft with tiny irregularities in the twist that you’d expect from a handspun yarn. It glides through the fingers as you knit making for a truly pleasurable knitting experience and it knits up beautifully producing a dense, supple fabric with an indulgent softness that becomes truly apparent after gentle steaming. This worsted weight yarn is available in three natural shades, Brown, Light and Red, shown here, which comes from the red cashmere goat. There are two further shades, Grey and Black, which are hand dyed by Jessica James of Ginger Twist Studios, which is currently the only UK stockist. Hand wash only.

Composition: 100% cashmere
Weight: 50g
Length: 80m
Rec needle size: 4.5mm
RRP: £25.00
Contact: Ginger Twist Studios
T: 07599 479445
E: gingertwiststudio@gmail.com
W: www.gingertwiststudios.com

4. Debbie Bliss

4 Debbie Bliss Mia
Debbie Bliss Mia is a DK weight blend of 50% cotton and 50% wool. This blend of fibres adds a very gentle marled effect to the colouring as well as combining the best qualities of each fibre. It knits up evenly producing a soft fabric with great stitch definition so it is ideal for a variety of stitch patterns from stocking stitch to lace and intricate cables. There is a great selection of 16 refreshing shades in the range that also work well when colour blocked
together and includes shade 07 Mauve, shown here. Design support can be found in the Mia pattern booklet, which features patterns for all the family. Hand washing is recommended, can also be dry cleaned.

Composition: 50% cotton,
50% wool
Weight: 50g
Length: 100m
Rec needle size: 4mm
RRP: £4.95
Contact: Designer Yarns Ltd
T: 01535 664222
E: enquiries@designeryarns.uk.com
W: www.designeryarns.uk.com

5. Sublime
Luxurious Tweed DK

5 Sublime Luxurious Tweed DK
Sublime Luxurious Tweed DK is a softly spun blend of 60% wool and 40% cotton. It has a slightly irregular texture with small flashes of complementary colour twisted in with the base colour, which gives the yarn its tweedy appearance. It is a beautifully lightweight yarn that is wonderfully smooth to work with knitting to a standard DK tension on 4mm needles. The resulting fabric is warm, soft and well suited to a range of knitting techniques from striped colourwork to lace and large cables. There is a choice of seven shades including shade 390 Bergamot, shown here, and pattern support can be found in the Sublime Luxurious Tweed DK book 673 which includes patterns for both men and women. Machine washable at 40°c on a wool cycle and can also be dry cleaned but do not iron.

Composition: 60% wool,
40% cotton
Weight: 50g
Length: 135m
Rec needle size: 4mm
RRP: £5.29
Contact: Sirdar
T: 01924 371501
E: consumer@sirdar.co.uk
W: www.sirdar.com

6. Rowan

6 Rowan Silkystones
Rowan Silkystones is a gently spun blend of 52% silk and 48% linen, making it perfect for summer. This combination of fibres makes the yarn soft, but dry to the touch producing a silky fabric with beautiful drape that is cool to wear. There are only six colours in the range but each shade is a subtle blend of colours and tones, which, combined with the yarn’s rich lustre is reminiscent of wet stones, has inspired the name. Shown here in shade 83 Grassland). This is a versatile DK weight yarn that works well for openwork lace knitting or crochet stitches and pattern support can be found in the Silkystones pattern booklet. Hand washing at 30°s is recommended and can also be dry cleaned.

Composition: 52% silk, 48% linen
Weight: 50g
Length: 100m
Rec needle size: 4mm
RRP: £11.95
Contact: Rowan
T: 01484 681881
E: mail@knitrowan.com
W: www.knitrowan.com

7. Louisa Harding

7 Louisa Harding Etoile
Louisa Harding Étoile is an Aran weight blend of 70% cotton, 24% polyamide and 6% polyester. It has a chainette construction that makes the yarn very lightweight when knitted and the addition of tiny contrast coloured sequins gives the yarn a further interesting twist. There is a choice of palette of 12 pretty shades available from the gentle coolness of Blanc, Eau and Latte to the more intense tones of Rouge and Aubergine (shade 10), shown here. Pattern support can be found in the Etoile booklet of designs, which includes cute lace accessories as well as cardigans, dresses and sweaters.

Composition: 70% cotton,
24% polyamide, 6% polyester
Weight: 50g
Length: 110m
Rec needle size: 5mm
RRP: £6.95
Contact: Designer Yarns Ltd
T: 01535 664222
E: enquiries@designeryarns.uk.com
W: www.designeryarns.uk.com

8. DesignEtte

8 Design Ette Piero
Piero by DesignEtte is a super bulky weight 100% wool yarn with a plied construction that knits up very quickly on 8mm needles. It knits to produce plump, round stitches and a very even fabric that’s extremely warm to wear with a standard tension of 8 sts and 6 rows. It’s a great yarn for novice knitters as they’ll be pleased with the quick results but it can also be used for crochet too (8mm hook recommended). There are currently just three shades available; Pink, Cobalt Blue and White (undyed), shown here and pattern support can be found in kit form on the website with more patterns due for launch later in the year. Hand washing is recommended.

Composition: 100% wool
Weight: 100g
Length: 80m
Rec needle size: 8mm
RRP: £14.25
Contact: DesignEtte
E: info@DesignEtte.dk
W: www.designette.co.uk

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