Yarn Review from Knitting issue 128, May 2014

Friday, April 25, 2014

As spring turns to summer Jeanette Sloan tries out the latest yarns

1. Mirasol Hachito

1 Mirasol Hachito

Mirasol Hachito is a fingering weight blend of 80% wool and 20% nylon. As you’d expect from Mirasol, it’s a superior quality hand painted yarn, which knits up evenly to produce a lightweight fabric making it hard wearing enough for socks but also soft enough for baby knits. It knits to a standard tension of 30 sts and 42 rows and there are 12 lively shades to choose from including shade 007 Twilight, shown here. Pattern support is available in a collection of five individual patterns that include small accessories such as socks and cowls and full size garments for adults. To add to its appeal, this yarn is easy to care for as it can be machine washed on a gentle cycle. May also be dry cleaned but do not tumble dry.

Composition: 80% wool, 20% nylon

Weight: 50g

Length: 175m

Rec needle size: 2.75-3.25mm

RRP: £7.95

Contact: Designer Yarns Ltd

T: 01535 664222

E: enquiries@designeryarns.uk.com

W: www.designeryarns.uk.com


2. Sirdar Cotton DK

2 Sirdar Cotton DK

Sirdar Cotton DK is a great value 100% cotton yarn. It’s a mercerised yarn, which means it has a fabulously rich sheen but, unlike some mercerised cottons that can feel quite hard, this one retains it’s softness. If you’re looking for a straight forward DK you’ll like this yarn as it knits to a standard DK tension but offers much more with great stitch definition and a lovely supple handle. The palette of 18 shades, which has been specially created by the Sirdar Design Studio, includes classic neutrals like Mill White, Vanilla and Taupe as well as stronger fashion shades such as shade 515 Bluebird, shown here. Pattern support is available in the form of loose leaflets which include stylishly summery garments and accessories for women and young girls. Gentle washing at 40°c is recommended, may also be dry cleaned with care but do not iron or tumble dry.

Composition: 100% cotton

Weight: 100g

Length: 212m

Rec needle size: 4mm

RRP: £5.57

Contact: Sirdar Spinning Ltd

T: 01924 371501

E: enquiries@sirdar.co.uk

W: www.sirdar.co.uk


3. John Arbon Viola

3 John Arbon Viola

John Arbon’s new Viola is made from 100% Merino wool and knits to a DK weight. It’s a beautifully soft yarn with a plied construction that has an understated sheen and knits up smoothly to produce a soft fabric. The stitch definition is extremely good making it ideal for a variety of knit stitches but what makes this yarn extra special is it’s colouring. Several tones/colours of tops are brought together before being combed and spun into yarn, making each of the available six shades dense and richly multi-tonal. A close look at the Aquarius shade shown here reveals a mixture of turquoise, ochre, green and blue). Made at the John Arbon mill in Devon, if you’re looking to buy British then this is the yarn for you. Cool hand washing in a mild detergent is recommended.

Composition: 100% Merino wool

Weight: 100g

Length: 250m

Rec needle size: 3-4mm

RRP: £12.50

Contact: John Arbon

T: 01598 752490

W: www.jarbon.com


4. Rico Fashion Ribbon

4 Rico Fashion Ribbon

If you like your yarns big and bouncy then you’ll love Rico Fashion Ribbon. It’s a mega chunky fashion yarn made from 100% acrylic with a chainette construction that means it’s both fun and really quick to knit. With a standard tension of 6 sts and 7 rows on 20mm needles the resulting fabric is lightweight despite the yarn’s thickness and young knitters will really enjoy both the fast results and the palette of eight great shades, which includes the wonderfully acidic shade 005 Lime shown above. This yarn would really suit simply shaped garments worked in basic stitches or colour blocking but if crochet is more your thing then grab a 20mm hook and try using it for openwork lace structures. Gentle washing at 40°c is recommended, may also be dry cleaned but do not tumble dry.

Composition: 100% acrylic

Weight: 100g

Length: 40m

Rec needle size: 20mm

RRP: £6.49

Contact: The Black Sheep

T: 01925 764231

W: www.blacksheepwools.com or www.rico-design.co.uk


5. Rowan Pure Linen

5 Rowan Pure Linen

As the name suggests, Rowan Pure Linen is a 100% linen yarn with a very gently twisted construction. It is an ideal yarn for summer as it knits up to produce a cool, lightweight fabric with a gentle sheen and the slight irregularities in the yarn’s thickness give the knitted fabric added textural interest. This yarn has a standard tension of 17 sts and 28 rows but don’t expect a dense fabric, the effect is much more open. There is a choice of eight muted shades available including shade 394 Arabian, shown here. Pattern support for this yarn comes in the form of The Pure Linen Collection. Designed by Lisa Richardson, it’s a selection of 14 easy-to-wear modern pieces that are ideal for layering and feature simple shapes, lace details and casual styling. Hand washing or dry cleaning is recommended but do not tumble dry.

Composition: 100% linen

Weight: 50g

Length: 130m

Rec needle size: 4.5mm

RRP: £11.95

Contact: Rowan

T: 01484 681881

E: mail@knitrowan.com

W: www.knitrowan.com


6. Rico Creative Cotton Print Aran

6 Rico Creative Cotton Print Aran

Creative Cotton Print Aran is the latest addition to the Creative Cotton Aran family, which is spun from 100% cotton. It is a great value yarn with a printed colour effect that creates pools of colour when knitted producing a soft, lightweight fabric with a cool, dry handle. As it knits to the same tension as the solid coloured Creative Cotton there’s no shortage of pattern support already available but a new book Let’s Crochet Again contains 45 designs using this and other yarns from the Rico range. With six lively colourways in the range including shade 003 Multicoloures, shown here, there’s bound to be something to suit all tastes. Gentle washing at 30°c is recommended, may also be dry cleaned with care but do not tumble dry.

Composition: 100% cotton

Weight: 50g

Length: 85m

Rec needle size: 4-5mm

RRP: £1.99

Contact: The Black Sheep

T: 01925 764231

W: www.blacksheepwools.com or www.rico-design.co.uk


7. DesignEtte Uccello

7 Design Ette Uccello

Uccello is a beautifully soft blend of 70% viscose and 30% linen. The high viscose content gives the yarn a rich sheen and silky handle whilst the addition of linen ensures it has excellent drape and is cool when worn next to the skin. With a plied construction made up of six ends of fibre, it’s extremely strong and smooth to work with knitting to a standard tension of 16 sts and 22 rows, producing wonderfully even results. There are four multi-tonal shades to choose from: Rose, Green, Purple and Blue plus two natural linen colours including shade 121063, shown here. There are patterns for knitted designs available from the website in the form of individual downloads or as part of a kit but it would also be interesting to try using this yarn for crochet too. Hand washing at 30°c is recommended, may also be dry cleaned.

Composition: 70% viscose, 30% linen

Weight: 50g

Length: 75m

Rec needle size: 5mm

RRP: £4.40

Contact: DesignEtte

E: info@DesignEtte.dk

W: www.designette.co.uk


8. Mrs Moon Plump

8 Mrs Moon Plump

Mrs Moon Plump is a chunky roving blend of 80% ethically sourced Merino wool and 20% baby alpaca, which is spun and dyed in the UK. The result is a super soft luxury yarn that is wonderfully cosy to wear and has excellent drape due to the yarn’s alpaca content. With a standard tension of 10 sts and 12.5 rows it knits up in no time at all making it ideal for quick accessories and there are a number of free patterns for both knit and crochet available from the Mrs Moon website. The palette of 14 delicious colours are each named after sweet treats with names such as Fondant Fancy, Cherry Pie and shade Pistachio ice, shown here. At the time of writing the yarn’s introductory price is £14.99. Hand wash with care and to avoid felting, do not agitiate.


Composition: 80% superfine Australian new Merino wool, 20% baby alpaca

Weight: 100g

Length: 70m

Rec needle size: 10-15mm

RRP: £14.99

Contact: Mrs Moon

T: 0208 744 1190

E: info@mrsmoon.co.uk

W: www.mrsmoon.co.uk

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