Yarn review from issue 129, June 2014

Friday, June 13, 2014

Jeanette Sloan gets stuck into the latest yarns for summer


June Yarn Review Main


Bergere Bigerelle (1)

1. Bergère de France Bigarelle
Bergère de France Bigarelle is a 4 ply weight blend of 55% organic cotton, 36% linen and 9% viscose. Two complementary tones are twisted together to create a marled effect with small accent-coloured slubs twisted along the length of the yarn, adding flecks of tweedy interest when it’s knitted. Because of the high linen content it is a firm yarn to work with and, even though it won’t have the natural elasticity of wool, it does produce a beautifully even fabric with great drape, which is ideal for light summer cover ups. It is available in a choice of eight shades, any of which would be perfect teamed with your favourite pair of linen wide-legs and it’s shown here in shade 30 Vert. Pattern support for both ladies’ and childrens’ designs can be found in Magazines 172 and 173, respectively, with a ladies’ garment taking only 2 to 3 balls due to the excellent metreage of 390m per 100g ball. Gentle washing at 30°c is recommended, may also be dry cleaned.
Composition: 55% organic cotton, 36% linen, 9% viscose
Weight: 100g
Length: 390m
Rec needle size: 3mm
RRP: £7.95
Contact: Bergère de France
E: hello@bergeredefrance.co.uk
W: www.bergeredefrance.co.uk


DB Juliet 

2. Debbie Bliss Juliet
Another new summer yarn from Debbie Bliss, three contrasting shades are twisted together to give Juliet its tweedy appearance. In terms of weight this blend of 52% cotton and 48% acrylic sits between a 4 ply and DK with a standard tension of 25 sts and 34 rows using 3.25mm needles. There’s a lot going on in terms of colour with this yarn so you may want to stick to tailored designs worked in stocking stitch as any subtle stitch patterns will probably not show up. The Juliet brochure offers 13 simple but elegant ladies’ designs including boleros, cardigans and sleeveless tops and there are 12 shades in the range including shade 005 Marigold, shown here. Gentle washing at 30°c is recommended, may also be dry cleaned but do not tumble dry.
Composition: 52% cotton, 48% acrylic
Weight: 50g
Length: 120m
Rec needle size: 3.25mm
RRP: £4.50
Contact: Designer Yarns Ltd
T: 01535 664222
E: enquiries@designeryarns.uk.com
W: www.designeryarns.uk.com


Sun City 

3. Schachenmayr Sun City
Schachenmayr Sun City is an Aran weight blend of 50% cotton and 50% acrylic. It’s a multi-filament yarn, which has a subtle sheen and is smooth to knit, with a soft, silky handle. If you’re concerned that the high synthetic content will make it feel ‘budget’ then don’t be, it has a lovely cool handle with well-defined stitches, making it ideal for a wide range of knitting and crochet projects. There is a great selection of 20 shades to choose from including shade 224 Salmon, shown here, so there is bound to be something to suit all tastes. Design support can be found in a collection of individual leaflets featuring crochet accessories such as blankets, cushions and bags plus there are free knitting patterns available to download from the website. Gentle washing at 30°c is recommended, may also be dry cleaned with certain solvents.
Composition: 50% cotton, 50% acrylic
Weight: 50g
Length: 97m
Rec needle size: 3.5-4.5mm
RRP: £3.79
Contact: Coats Crafts UK
T: 01484 681881
E: consumer.ccuk@coats.com
W: www.makeitcoats.com


LH Noema 

4. Louisa Harding Noema
Louisa Harding Noema is a twisted blend of 75% cotton, 20% acrylic and 5% polyamide. This colourful yarn combines a solid base colour with a self striping slub that gives the knitted fabric slight variations in texture. With a standard tension of 20 sts and 28 rows it’s a slightly heavy DK weight that knits up to produce a lovely lightweight tweed fabric with bands of brighter colour changing in the background. There is a choice of 10 exotic shades available including shade 6 Sauna, shown here. Pattern support can be found in the Noema booklet, which features 14 ladies’ designs including a lacy sweater, cape and a frill-edged shrug, each styled with a young, hippy vibe. Hand wash at 30°c and dry flat or dry clean with certain solvents.
Composition: 75% cotton, 20% acrylic, 5% polyamide
Weight: 50g
Length: 120m
Rec needle size: 4mm
RRP: £4.95
Contact: Designer Yarns Ltd
T: 01535 664222
E: enquiries@designeryarns.uk.com
W: www.designeryarns.uk.com


Noro Taiyo 4ply 

5. Noro Taiyo 4 ply
Noro Taiyo 4 ply is a gently twisted blend of 50% cotton, 17% wool, 17% polyamide and 16% Silk. If you normally find working with 4 ply boring then you’ll love this self-striping yarn as you’ll want to keep knitting to see how each shade blends into the next in the colourway. Although it’s not exactly quick to knit up it produces beautifully even stitches with the occasional flash of an accent colour and the resulting fabric is soft, lightweight and warm. It’s an extremely versatile yarn, which can be used for large garments and accessories plus the addition of polyamide means it’s also durable enough for sock knitting. The long colour repeat means that you get deep bands of each colour and whilst shade 47, shown here, is actually a mixture of lime, brown, ice pink, sugar pink, bright pink and ecru the size of the swatch only shows part of that repeat. There are nine other shades in the range and pattern support can be found in the Noro Favourites booklet. Hand washing at 30°c is recommended, do not wring, dry flat.
Composition: 50% cotton, 17% wool, 17% polyamide, 16% silk
Weight: 100g
Length: 210m
Rec needle size: 2.5-3mm
RRP: £8.95
Contact: Designer Yarns Ltd
T: 01535 664222
E: enquiries@designeryarns.uk.com
W: www.designeryarns.uk.com


Design Ette Naturino 

6. DesignEtte Naturino
Naturino by DesignEtte is produced by plying together multiple ends of 100% wool. The resulting 4 ply yarn is of an extremely high quality and is sure to appeal to those of you who prefer working with finer weights as it produces a beautifully soft and lightweight fabric. This is an extremely versatile yarn that would suit a wide variety of uses as it is strong enough to withstand use on a standard or fine gauge knitting machine and would also work well for crochet. Pattern support is available in new pattern booklet Book 1 DesignEtte Denmark and there are also kits for adult’s and children’s designs available from the website. There are six shades to choose from, all of which are coloured using a natural dye process which is approved by Woolmark and which uses Blueberry, Sandalwood, Rubia, Indigofera and Poppy without the use of ancillary chemical products. Hand wash 30°c is recommended.
Composition: 100% wool
Weight: 50g
Length: 240m
Rec needle size: 3.5mm
RRP: £11.25
Contact: DesignEtte
E: info@DesignEtte.dk
W: www.designette.co.uk


Artesano Linen Silk 

7. Artesano Linen Silk
Linen Silk, a robust blend of 40% wool, 35% silk and 25% linen, is
a brand new yarn from Artesano. This DK weight has a high silk content that gives the yarn its rich lustre, which is enhanced even further by its hand painted colouring. It is a wonderfully smooth yarn to work with, producing a warm, even fabric with great stitch definition. There is a choice of 16 shades available including both semi-solid as well as variegated colours such as shade EX50 Borealis, shown here. Pattern support is available both as a book and in the form of single leaflets and includes sweaters, wraps, cardigans and scarves. Hand wash, dry flat, may also be dry cleaned.
Composition: 40% wool, 35% silk, 25% linen
Weight: 50g
Length: 100m
Rec needle size: 4mm
RRP: £7.95
Contact: Artesano
T: 0118 950 3350
E: jenny@artesanoyarns.co.uk
W: www.artesanoyarns.co.uk


 Stylecraft Stars _1

8. Stylecraft Stars
Picking up on the ongoing trend for all things sparkly, Stylecraft Stars is a blend of 75% acrylic, 10% polyester, 10% metallic polyester and 5% sequin. Although the inclusion of metallic fibres can make some yarns feel hard this is lovely and smooth to knit with producing a soft fabric that is lightweight with the gentle glisten that comes from the addition of tiny same-coloured sequins. The palette of 12 shades focuses on icy pastels such as shade 1588 Twinkle, shown here, with shades 1587 Noir (Black) and 1586 Amethyst thrown in for those who like stronger colours. Pattern support is available in a collection of loose leaflets that feature classic designs for ladies and girls including cardigans, sweaters and small accessories like hats and scarves. Gentle machine washing at 30°c is recommended, may also be dry cleaned.
Composition: 75% acrylic, 10% polyester, 10% metallic polyester, 5% sequin
Weight: 50g
Length: 150m
Rec needle size: 4.5mm
RRP: £3.99
Contact: Stylecraft
T: 01535 609798
E: general@stylecraftltd.co.uk
W: www.stylecraft-yarns.co.uk


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