Kangaroo pouch sweater

Monday, September 9, 2013

Errata for Kangaroo pouch sweater, as featured in Knitting magazine issue 117, July 2013

Front neck and shoulder shaping

When work meas 37[41:45:49]cm (14.5[16:17.75:19.25]in) (104[114:124:136]rows) from cast on edge cont as folls:

Next row (RS): K 21[22:23:24] sts, cast off centre 7[9:11:13] sts, k rem 21[22:23:24] sts.

Next row (WS): Work to neck edge and put rem sts on a holder.

Cont on these 21[22:23:24] sts for Right shoulder as folls:

Cast off 2 sts at neck edge on next and foll alt row, then dec 1 st at neck edge on foll 3 alt rows. 14[15:16:17] sts.

Cont straight until work measures 41[45:49:53]cm (16[17.75:19.25:21]in) ending on a RS row.

Shoulder shaping

Next row (WS): Cast off 3[3:4:4] sts, work to end.

Work 1 row straight

Next row: Cast off 3[4:4:4] sts, work to end.

Work 1 row straight.

Next row: Cast off 4 sts, work to end.

Cast off rem 4[4:4:5] sts.

With WS facing pick up the 21[22:23:24], sts from st holder for left front. Complete to match Right Front reversing all shaping BUT commence shoulder shaping when work meas 39[43:47:51]cm.

Buttonhole border

With RS facing using shade A and 3.5mm needles pick up and knit the 14[15:16:17] sts for left front shoulder.

Row 1 (WS): Starting with P1, work in 1/1 rib to end of row.

Rows 2 and 3: Keeping rib pattern correct work to end.

Row 4: Keeping rib pattern correct work 4[5:6:7] sts, yfwd, work 2tog, rib 4, yfwd, work 2tog, rib 2.

Rows 5 & 6: As rows 1 & 2 keeping rib patt correct.

Cast off in rib.
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