Laura Cushion

Friday, January 17, 2014

Errata for the Laura cushion, published in the Pretty Knits supplement, free with Knitting issue 125

The pattern runs correctly, but ends after the 'making up' section, omitting the 'crochet edging' section.

Here is the correct 'making up' instructions:

With Wrong Sides together, fold the top 4cm of the Back panel and sew in place at the sides. Place the Wrong Side of the Front lace overlay onto the Front underlay Right Side. Then place the Right Side of these two panels to the Right Side of the Back panel. Leaving the top edge open, sew the three layers together with backstitch using Natural.

Turn right side out.

Using Chocolate Brown and a small blanket stitch, sew the two Front panels together at the top open edge. Using Natural, sew the straight edge of the frill to the outside edge of the cushion. Begin at one top corner and ease the frill around the corners. Stitch to the Front blanket-stitched edge. Join to the start using mattress stitch.

Sew in all loose ends.

Space the press studs evenly along the open edge and stitch in place. Press work according to instructions on ball band.

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