Sneak peek inside our Christmas issue!

Katie Holloway

Katie Holloway

11 November 2015

MJ87 Cover

It’s Christmas time and we are feeling sparkly! Step inside our December issue for the best party jewellery making projects. We show you how to make a silver clay reindeer necklace, a crystal chainmaille set, a sparkling resin ring and much more, with 50 projects to make! Plus, techniques include working with embossing powders, upcycling brass tubing, making beaded tassels and many more besides. We’ve interviewed some top jewellers to get the low-down on their designs and business, plus we’ve got plenty of advice for running your own jewellery business. With all the usual reviews of great jewellery making products, fab prizes to win and the latest fashion trends, we’ve got all your Christmas jewellery sorted! 

Winter Wonderland Pendant By Nicola Beer

Above: Winter Wonderland Pendant by Nicola Beer

Snowflake Sparkle

Above: Snowflake Sparkle by Julia Rai

Winter 's Tale Resin Pendant By Debbie Kershaw

Above: Winter's Tale Resin Pendant by Debbie Kershaw

Valley Rose Necklace By Annemarie Kenyeres

Above: Valley Rose Necklace by Annemarie Kenyeres


Above: Bold as Brass by Tansy Wilson

Snow White By Lizzi Bucklow -Holt

Above: Snow White by Lizzi Bucklow-Holt

Winter Sparkle By Sammi Fletcher

Winter Sparkle by Sammi Fletcher

Sneak peek inside Making Jewellery issue 86

Katie Holloway

Katie Holloway

14 October 2015

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Get creative this autumn with seasonal projects to brighten your days and warm your heart! From stamped and printed leaves to metal clay gems and plenty in between, this issue features a riot of colour and gorgeous designs for nature lovers. Techniques include making polymer Bargello canes, enamelling with Efcolor, making chainmaille motifs and more. Plus, we’ve included tips on how to grow your jewellery business whilst growing your skills as well as all the latest reviews, fashion inspiration and plenty of prizes to win! Don’t let the chill of autumn get you down – be inspired by the changing leaves and make some of our stunning jewellery designs!

Beautiful Bargello By Alison Gallant

Above: Beautiful Bargello by Alison Gallant

Braided Copper By Sue Mason -Burns

Above: Braided Copper by Sue Mason-Burns

Fallen Leaves Necklace By Clare John

Above: Fallen Leaves Necklace by Clare John

Autumn Garland By Su Pennick

Above: Autumn Garland by Su Pennick

Autumn Cascades By Sarah Austin

Above: Autumn Cascades by Sarah Austin

Scraptastic Tubes By Lizzi Bucklow -Holt

Above: Scraptastic Tubes by Lizzi Bucklow-Holt

Autumn Trails By Tracey Spurgin

Above: Autumn Trails by Tracey Spurgin

Sneak peek inside issue 85

Katie Holloway

Katie Holloway

15 September 2015

MJ85 Cover

Get ready for autumn with this Gothic-inspired issue of Making Jewellery, with a pinch of Halloween inspiration too. We move over to the dark side with 50 projects that vary from pretty fairy-tale pieces to designs bordering on the macabre. Techniques include colouring polymer clay, embossing onto leather, making your own blend of metal clay, creating seed bead shapes and more! Whatever your personal jewellery style, there will be something to suit you. Plus, we’ve got all the usual product tests and reviews, top designer interviews, the latest trends and plenty of prizes to win. Don’t let the dark evenings get you down, use them to snuggle up with your favourite jewellery magazine and be inspired.

The issue goes on sale 17th September 2015.

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Briar Rose Bracelet By Nicola Beer

Above: Briar Rose bracelet by Nicola Beer

Embossed Leather By Tansy Wilson

Above: Embossed Leather by Tansy Wilson

Hootenanny Masquerade By Lizzi Holt

Above: Hootenanny Masquerade by Lizzi Holt

Green Onyx Cuff By Sue Mason -Burns

Above: Green Onyx Cuff by Sue Mason-Burns

Gothic Inspired By Caron Nosek

Above: Gothic Inspired by Caron Nosek

Modern Gemoetric Textured Bangle By Tansy Wilson

Above: Modern Geometric Textured Bangle by Tansy Wilson


Sneak peek inside issue 84

Katie Holloway

Katie Holloway

18 August 2015

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It’s that time of year when we get excited about the new season’s trends, and we have got an issue packed full of the latest jewellery styles hot off the catwalk. Inspired by the season’s best designs, projects include leather collars, oversized pendants, copper leaves, geometric bangles and much more. Try your hand at working with metalwork, polymer clay, metal clay, lampworking techniques, wire wrapping and beading as you make each of these fashionable designs. There’s something to suit every taste and style. Plus, win great prizes, read fascinating features and get an insight into how to run a jewellery business.

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Geometric Statement By Shayna Bowles

Above: Geometric Statement by Shayna Bowles

Blue Waves By Sarouchka Lobbens

Above: Blue Waves by Sarouchka Lobbens

Rose Gold By Clair Wolfe

Above: Rose Gold by Clair Wolfe

Geometric Cork Creation By Lynn Allingham

Above: Geometric Cork Creation by Lynn Allingham

Ruffled Necklace By Sue Mason -Burns

Above: Ruffled Necklace by Sue Mason-Burns

Woodland Magic By Annemarie Kenyeres

Above: Woodland Magic by Annemarie Kenyeres

Hammered Silver Earrings By Tansy Wilson

Above: Hammered Earrings by Tansy Wilson


Sneak peek inside issue 83

Katie Holloway

Katie Holloway

21 July 2015

Making Jewellery magazine issue 83 - on sale 23rd July 2015

MJ83 CoverMJ83 Supp

We are getting exotic this month, with beautiful pieces of jewellery to make, all inspired by the Far East. From Chinese symbols on polymer clay, to a stunning Japanese fan made out of metal clay, the projects this month are as imaginative as they are gorgeous. Techniques include stitching with four-holed beads, soldering metal with pieces of bamboo, capturing a geode slice in wire, making a glowing-effect lampwork bead and plenty more! We’ve got reviews of top jewellery making products and books, insights into the hottest fashion trends and lots of giveaway prizes to win, so you’ll get your fix of all things jewellery all in one place! Plus, the issue comes with a free ‘simple statement’ jewellery collection, containing six step-by-step projects that you can make quickly and easily.

Kirakira Bangles By Chloe Menage

Above: Kirakira bangles by Chloe Menage

Geisha Ogi Pendant By Nicola Beer

Above: Geisha Ogi Pendant by Nicola Beer

Beaded Knot By Amelie Harrison

Above: Beaded Knot by Amelie Harrison

Aglow By Laura Sparling

Above: Aglow by Laura Sparling

Oriental Fan Earrings By Tracey Spurgin

Above: Oriental Fan Earrings by Tracey Spurgin

Oriental Bloom By Laura Binding

Above: Oriental Bloom by Laura Binding

Eastern Promise By Sian Hamilton

Above: Eastern Promise by Sian Hamilton


Sneak peek inside issue 82

Katie Holloway

Katie Holloway

24 June 2015

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Step into summer with this issue of Making Jewellery, packed full of projects and inspiration, whatever your jewellery style. Bigger is better with our oversized polymer bangle and a stunning woven metalwork collar, or you could play it subtle with a metal clay and acrylic brooch and a woven PMC flex pendant. We show you how to make your own Photopolymer plates so that you can make clay designs that are truly bespoke, plus there are simple, colourful flowers to make. Beaders will love the peyote tube necklace that can be worn two ways. Plus, we’ve got lots of great interviews with jewellers, fashion inspiration, and hundreds of pounds worth of giveaway prizes to win. Come rain or shine, it’s time to get making jewellery!

Brilliantly Beaded Tube By Clair Wolfe

Above: Brilliantly beaded tube by Clair Wolfe

Colourful Woven Collar By Tansy Wilson

Above: Colourful woven collar by Tansy Wilson

Oriental Beauty By Lizzi Bucklow -Holt

Above: Oriental Beauty by Lizzi Bucklow-Holt

Motifs In Wire By Sue Mason -Burns
Above: Motifs in wire by Sue Mason-Burns

Gardenia Garland By Nicola Beer

Above: Gardenia Garland by Nicola Beer

Flotsam And Jetsam By Fiona Potter

Above: Flotsam and Jetsam by Fiona Potter

Sneak peek inside issue 81

Katie Holloway

Katie Holloway

22 May 2015

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Making Jewellery issue 81 - on sale 28th May

Get tropical this summer with the July issue of Making Jewellery, which is full of 48 colourful projects inspired by paradise. Whatever style of jewellery you like to make, there is plenty inside to inspire you – from polymer clay fish to macramé rainbows. Whether you’re into lampwork, wirework, metalwork or more, there is something you’ll want to try your hand at. Plus, with metal clay, seed beads, leather and chainmaille, you’ll be kept busy all month. We’ve included some great features, such as interviews with top contemporary jewellers, and Eleanor Swinhoe gives us a behind-the-scenes look at her jewellery business. Don’t miss our great giveaway competitions, latest fashion tips and tests of new jewellery making products.

Tropical Hoopla By Tracy Smith

Above: Tropical Hoopla by Tracy Smith

Clownfish By Laura Sparling

Above: Clownfish by Laura Sparling

Aloha Petals By Chloe Menage

Above: Aloha Petals by Chloe Menage

Tropical Fish By Sue Corrie

Above: Tropical fish by Sue Corrie

Make A Statement By Clair Wolfe

Above: Make a Statement by Clair Wolfe

Ombre Rainbow By Candy Chappill

Above: Ombre Rainbow by Candy Chappill

Rainbow Bracelet By Sue Mason -Burns

Above: Rainbow Bracelet by Sue Mason-Burns

Sneak peek inside issue 80

Katie Holloway

Katie Holloway

24 April 2015

MJ80 Cover 400

Sometimes we all run out of inspiration, but this issue of Making Jewellery has you covered, with 52 projects inside for making great jewellery projects. Each piece inside the magazine has been inspired by a photograph – so who knows where your creativity will take you? Techniques include making polymer clay canes, creating moulds for metal clay, forming patterns in resin and more. Inside we show you how to make a classic silver locket, a wirework tree pendant, a beaded crown, plus plenty more. We’ve got great fashion inspiration, interviews with top contemporary jewellers and great giveaway prizes to win.


Rosie Bloom By Sian Hamilton

Above: Rosie Bloom by Sian Hamilton

Caribbean Dreams By Karen Taylor

Above: Caribbean Dreams by Karen Taylor

Coney Creation By Lynn Allingham

Above: Coney Creation by Lynn Allingham

Psychedelic Metal By Karen Caine

Above: Psychedelic Metal by Karen Caine

Mosaic Klimt Style By Sian Hamilton

Above: Mosaic Klimt Style by Sian Hamilton

Salad Bowl Necklace By Clare John

Above: Salad Bowl Necklace by Clare John

Tree Silhouette By Sue Mason -Burns

Above: Tree Silhouette by Sue Mason-Burns

Sneak peek inside issue 79

Katie Holloway

Katie Holloway

30 March 2015

Subscribe Image 12.59.11

Get ready for summer with this issue of Making Jewellery magazine, as we’ve got 32 projects for you to make that are perfect for a summer garden party. Plus, we’ve got 14 pieces for you to make that are perfect for the wedding season, whether you’re making jewellery for a bride, bridesmaids, or a guest. Step-by-step projects inside include a stunning 3D metal clay butterfly ring, a wire and metallic pearls tiara, a colourful wirework and thread floral necklace and more. We’ve covered an array of techniques too, from polymer clay to wirework, and from soutache to sewing. With plenty of fashion trends, product reviews, giveaway prizes and top designer interviews, as well as advice for your jewellery business, look no further for your essential jewellery making tips.

Flower Blossom By Laura Binding

Above: Flower Blossom by Laura Binding

Garden Delights By Sue Mason -Burns

Above: Garden Delights by Sue Mason-Burns

Keylime Twist By Michael Mitchell

Above: Keylime Twist by Michael Mitchell

Scrap Silver Pebbles By Clair Wolfe

Above: Scrap silver pebbles by Clair Wolfe

Pinwheel Party By Lizzi Bucklow -Holt

Above: Pinwheel Party by Lizzi Bucklow-Holt

Pretty Papillon Ring By Nicola Beer

Above: Pretty Papillon Ring by Nicola Beer

Delicious Lily By Sian Hamilton

Above: Delicious Lily by Sian Hamilton


Sneak peek inside issue 78 of Making Jewellery magazine

Katie Holloway

Katie Holloway

4 March 2015

MJ78 Cover

Calling all fashionistas – this month we have 50 jewellery making projects inspired by the Spring/Summer 15 catwalk trends. Whether you’re into beadwork, lampwork, metalwork or wirework, we’ve got something that you’ll love learning how to create. Materials include polymer clay, crystals, kumihimo cord, braided wire, metal clay and more, with a different piece of jewellery to suit every fashion style. We show you how to create a translucent polymer flower brooch, how to texture aluminium bars and how to make a cute macramé owl. With interviews with top contemporary jewellers, plenty of giveaway prizes to win, new techniques to learn, plus fashion trends and reviews of new products – we’ve got spring jewellery making sorted! Plus, the issue comes with a free 'Busy Hands' supplement to keep the kids busy throughout the Easter holidays!   

Busy Hands Supp Cover

Aztec Armour By Nicola Beer

Above: Aztec Armour by Nicola Beer

Fantasy By Jo Turner

Above: Fantasy by Jo Turner

Textured Aluminium By Clair Wolfe

Above: Textured Aluminium by Clair Wolfe

Micro Owl By Sian Hamilton

Above: Micro Owl by Sian Hamilton

Blooming Lovely By Lizzi Bucklow -Holt

Above: Blooming Lovely by Lizzi Bucklow-Holt

Kumihimo Nuggets By Maggie Jones

Above: Kumihimo Nuggets by Maggie Jones

Braidy Bunch By Karen Caine

Above: Braidy Bunch by Karen Caine

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