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Katy Evans

Katy Evans

17 January 2013


Phew it's been busy here at Knitting HQ, lots of things finished, lots of exciting things to come!

We've FINALLY finished our bumper March issue full of new season trends, new season yarns (soooo many metallics, sparkles and sequins, our inner magpies are most impressed) and 45 patterns to boot. 164 pages, eek! Going through the proofs and seeing it all together for the first time, it looks amazing, so fingers crossed you think so too!

Exciting things coming up; We speak to the utterly mad and utterly brilliant Ruth and Belinda, exclusive designs from the gorgeous Purl Alpaca Designs girls and the lovely Jo Storey, a truly breathtaking garment by Jennie Atkinson, some beautiful shawls by Anniken Allis, we meet James Laxton of Laxton's Mill, an exclusive design from the Dyeforyarn team, a new features writer and some truly inspired 'themes' for our summer issues.

Good things come to those who wait. Well, we can't wait to share it all with you!


Brilliant ideas for the New Year

Katy Evans

Katy Evans

3 January 2013

Quick and easy inspiration and ideas for helping you organise your knitting in 2013.

If one of your New Year's resolutions is to take on Fairisle, intarsia or any other colour knitting techniques and you're wondering whether you should indulge in a yarn bowl to keep those lovely but pesky yarns separate and away from carpet fluff/tangling with each other/the prying paws of kittens etc, there are undoubtedly beautiful yarn bowls out there designed specifically for this purpose. However, the likelyhood is you already have one, you just didn't know it.

Use an old tea pot instead! Or pick up a cheapy from a charity shop or car boot sale. You can even paint them and decorate them yourself and give them as presents. Easy peasy,  ridicuously useful and purse friendly. How brilliant!

Teapot -to -yarn -bowl

Happy New Year!

Katy Evans

Katy Evans

2 January 2013


Happy New Year everyone! 2012 was a pretty epic and eventful year so 2013 has some rather big shoes to fill but here's to making it a fantastic crafting year!

Have you made any New Year's resolutions? Is this the year you master a new technique? Join a knitting group? Splurge on that yarn you've always dreamt of or take up knitting for charity? Will you try and buy only British or finally tackle that stash? Or perhaps you might decide if you do one thing this year it will be to impart your knitting knowledge on a lucky (and willing!) recipient.
Whatever you choose, we'd love to hear about it. You can share your resolutions with us on Twitter, Facebook or Ravelry.

So here's wishing you a craftacular 2013 from all of us at Knitting magazine!

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