Happy Easter everyone!

Katy Evans

Katy Evans

28 March 2013


Happy Easter everyone! Have a fab long weekend and we'll be back with you Tuesday!         

My First Week at Knitting Magazine

Katie Holloway

Katie Holloway

25 March 2013



Hello fellow knitters and welcome to my first ever blog. I know the photo may be confusing but I am not Katie Wood, she is away getting married. I'm Amelia, I love to knit and it is through no coincidence that I am currently interning at Knitting Magazine. I've been asked to write down my thoughts and feelings as I proceed down the path of publishing so here goes. 

Most of my time has been spent in Editorial, which has been great as I have had the chance to write book reviews, conduct interviews, Q&A's and research new producers and designers. But I have also been working in advertising and attended a photo shoot on Wednesday for a series of new books on knitting and sewing.

The shoot was on location at a beautiful house in the countryside near Newhaven. We had a very productive day, managing to get fourteen shots in total, which was more than we had anticipated. The weather though temperamental was kind to us and the photographer took some beautiful shots of the rather tentative blossoms in the garden.  

It was lovely to work in such a peaceful environment, bird song, homemade cakes and cups of tea made it feel far from the average working day.  Myself, the designer and her assistant worked with the photographer to create some very elegant images. We made great use the original features of the house, which included a somewhat bedraggled three-legged cat named Billy. Despite his repeated and quite piercing demands for more food being swiftly met he declined our plea to model a rather fetching knitted hot-water-bottle cover.  All in all it was a positive day, and we managed to ward off the chill with Rhoda's delicious leek and potato soup. Thanks again Rhoda!

But now I must get back to writing, I attended a press preview on Thursday and interviewed Doug Richard who used to be an investor on 'Dragon's Den' now he is investing in creative people, helping them set up their own businesses. It was an interesting event, I was given many, many press packs buy eager exhibitors keen to fill me in on why their product was the best.

My first week at Knitting has been really quite varied; I've been on location, up to London and assigned numerous different tasks, which I have thoroughly enjoyed.  Thanks to Emma's tiny post-it with everyone's preferred choice of hot beverage listed next to a description of their mugs, I feel I have also mastered the inevitable tea run! I look forward to whatever next week may bring.You can even see my first Q&A interview here:

Behind the scenes of our June shoot – summer appears at last!

Katy Evans

Katy Evans

19 March 2013


British weather is unpredictable at the best of times, but when we have to reschedule our June photo shoot because Brighton is having a freak snow blizzard you have to rethink locations. Luckily we remembered the fantastic Augustus Brandt Antiques in Petworth, West Sussex, where we shot our Timeless Classics story for our 100th issue (which seems like a lifetime ago!). It's a huge and beautiful antiques showroom/shop/warehouse/converted house with those fabulous walls with fading, peeling paint that remind you of al fresco Italy and huge windows for lots of lovely natural light. Bingo, we thought.

I love the way this Rico cotton soft print yarn creates almost a zebra stripe effect. Very cool indeed.


Model Andra is possibly the most elegant lounger we've ever seen, she's all legs!


How many metallics can we get into one look?


More elegant lounging (and envying of Editor Emma's gold Kurt Geiger espadrilles)!


Such a summery lemon yellow with a hint of gold, love it.


So, all in all, a rather beautiful shoot. The colours of the garments really pop (not that you can see in my poor little camera's pics but trust me, Laurel's uber camera diffuses the light and makes everything look amazing) and we're starting to feel like summer might not be too far away after all.



Sneak peek of our April issue out tomorrow!

Katy Evans

Katy Evans

13 March 2013


Spring cannot come quick enough as far as I'm concerned. It's been winter since October and last week, just as the temperature climbed to the dizzy heights of 11 degrees, Brighton got hit by a snow blizzard. Again. But the sun is shining today, the daffodils are out, I even spotted some crocuses on my walk to work this morning. Spring is trying! And to get you in the mood, our April issue hits the shops tomorrow, with a cover that just screams being outside in the fresh air at last.

Knitting 114 Cover

OK, the sun may be shining but there is still definitely a nip in the air so the key to early spring knitting is layers and cover ups. Jo Storie's snuggly, chunky Baskerville is perfect for throwing on as you go out the door.

Baskerville -Main _2845

Martin Storey's Kelim jacket means you can still be eye-catching and warm!

Kelim -Main -02_2809

Jennie Atkinson's Zig Zag cardi is the perfect layer for long walks in the country.

Zig -Zag -Chunky -Main _2878

And for a splash of colour after so many grey days, Sian Brown's Mohair top does the job nicely.

Mohair -Main _2959

We even have (through fortuitous timing and no actual thought to Easter, love it when that happens) the cutest bunnies in all the land. Sorry, Wabbitys to give them their proper names according to creator Elizabeth Healey. We have a basic Wabbity pattern (the mustachioed one with the fetching red and green tweed jumper) but look how many different personalities you can create!

Wabbity -Main _2739_1


Also, don't miss in this issue:

  • 25 Fresh knits for spring - women's, men's, children's, babies, home and accessories
  • EXCLUSIVE patterns by Jo Storie, Martin Storey, Jennie Atkinson, Fiona Morris
  • Scorch the dragon hat for kids (or big kids!)
  • Spotted placemats, egg cosies and iPad cover breakfast set
  • TECHNIQUE & PATTERN - Cable and leaf lace jumper and changing necklines article
  • FEATURE ARTICLE A Family Affair - Meet James Laxton
  • Spotlight on - Dreaming in denim
  • FREE Spring shawls supplement (5 patterns to pretty up spring)

And, of course, all the usual news, reviews, competitions, products and events you expect from your favourite Knitting magazine.


Knitwear designer and guest blogger Jo Storie reports from Pitti Filati

Katy Evans

Katy Evans

5 March 2013


If you don't know what Pitti Filati is, then rest assured it is an international trade fair based in Florence that revolves around the trend predictions, not just in colour but texture, materials, yarns and stitches for all wool-based Italian fashion houses, which, like all high end fashion, filters down to the spinners and eventually the yarn you buy in your local yarn shop. Albeit next year.

Like Fashion Week, Pitti Filati works a year ahead, and is twice a year, so the held in January was for Spring/Summer 2014. We've seen it time and time again, the metallics and sparkly threads trend for yarns was predicted 2 years ago, and the penchant for hand dyed yarns that is coming back to the fore, last year. So if you want to know what we'll be knitting with for S/S14, I'll hand you over to knitwear deisgner, and now roving reporter, Jo Storie of www.jostorie.com...  

Jo Storie

Spring Summer 2014 Pitti Filati trend report

We're going to be celebrating summer next year with a festival spirit. It's going to be all about carnivals and having fun for Spring/Summer 2014, as we are told by the organisers of this year's Pitti Filati, the European yarn show. Lucky enough to attend in January, I can report that we will all be mixing our colours, clashing stripes with jacquards and working both crochet and macramé into our knits come next summer. The look is most definately colourful, cultural and clashing.

Tribal Influence

Trend Area 2

'Festival' was the overriding theme at the show, with colours from every family working together and against each other to create an eclectic palette. Key highlights were sunshine yellow, grape and tangerine.

Not one to follow the pack Italian mill Millifille crafted their own theme around 'cleaning' to create a truly unique collection of yarns.

Millifili Stand Entrance

They showed multi ended, multi-coloured cottons and iridescent linens and eyelash qualities. It was clear to see where their inspiration was drawn from as mops and brushes and entire walls of soaps (below) surrounded you.

Milifili Colour Palette In Soap

Pattern seemed to be everywhere, with 2/3/4 colour jacquard patterns on nearly everyone's stands. My particular favourites are these 2-colour jacquards from another Italian mill 'Filpucci'.

New Jacquards

Key yarns of the season seemed to be clearly in the realm of the natural, with crisp cottons, metallic linens, pure silks and, of course, summer-weight cashmeres.

Key stitches were open work lace, organic manipulated cables, ladder ribs and stripes reminiscent of woven fabrics.

Lace Effect1 Lineapiu Man Cable 22

Dish Cloth

Key colours were really anything goes as long as it clashes or it's bold and black and white and with just a hint of sparkle.

And so with that bite size trend report to absorb and summer just round the corner get ahead of S/S14 and start working those trends now. 

Happy knitting!


For more on Pitti Filati S/S 2014 visit www.jostorie.com/blog