When is knitting not actually knitting?

Katy Evans

Katy Evans

17 May 2013


The world is slowly catching on to what we've all known forever, that knitting is awesome and looks awesome. The rise of knitted effect products seems to filtering down into every aspect of life; interior decorating, stationery, gift giving, jewellery... you name it!

So, when is knitting not actually knitting?

When it's a cushion...



...or a pair of earrings...


Sometimes it's stationery.


Or even wrapping paper!


It can be a napkin...

Cloth Napkin



... vase...


and even food packaging!


 Pretty cool, huh? What have you seen in a knitting print? The more unusual, the better!


Knitting apps

Katie Holloway

Katie Holloway

10 May 2013

With the weekend fast approaching, it can only mean one thing: lots more time for knitting! And with that in mind I thought I'd review a couple of knitting smartphone apps that I've found very helpful recently.

I have an HTC touchscreen phone, and so the apps I use are available on Android, through the Google Play store (although these apps are usually available on the iTunes store, too, for iPads and iPhones). Here are two gems:

Knitting Counter - by mcacki - FREE

Knitting Counter

I've tried a few different row counter apps, and this is the best I've come across (so far). It's simple, with a large button to press to add a row, which means that it's easy to quickly hit it and carry on knitting. It's got a clever feature that allows you to keep the screen on whilst knitting, so you don't end up having to touch the screen to 'wake it up' again. 

You can easily keep track of multiple knitting projects, and there is a separate function for counting the number of repeats. I'm using it at the moment to knit Amanda Jones' Big circles jumper for Knitting magazine issue 115, May 2013, and it's keeping me organised like never before!


Gaugefy - by ShhStudios - FREE


Now this is a very handy little app. Simply knit a swatch, then fill in the boxes for how many stitches/rows you have, and the measurement of the swatch (you can choose either inches or cm). Then you hit 'get gauge' and the app will tell you how many stitches and rows there are per cm or inch.

Then you have the option to adjust or create. Create lets you fill in by measurement, by stitches and rows, or by repeat, so that you can create your own knitting pattern. For instance, if you type in the stitches and rows you knitted for a 10x10cm swatch, but you wanted to create a 20x60cm piece of knitting, this app will show you how many stitches and rows you need to create, or how many repeats of your initial swatch you need to do.

It will make designers of us all - with no need for tricky maths!


Sneak peek of our June issue – summer's here!

Katy Evans

Katy Evans

3 May 2013


The sun is streaming through our office window (which we have open I might add!) and the light is reflecting off the beautiful summery cover of our June issue. It feels like all of those hideously long winter months, the endless cold, dark and even occasional snow blizzard, is finally a distant memory and we can embrace the warmer weather at last.

Our June gallery is full of cool, light garments with flashes of bright, warm colours and a hint of metallics ready to take you into summer.

This Slip stitch jumper by Linda Parkhouse has everybody in the office clamouring for it. The chic retro style and incredibly flattering fit makes it a winner all round.

Slip -Stitch -Jumper -Main _6277

Sirdar are onto a winner with their Ella DK yarn with a sophisticated hint of sparkle, and the moment we saw this pattern we knew it was a must-knit (must-have, must-wear)!

Ella -Main -01_6151

Zanzibar by Pat Menchini is a holiday knit if ever we've seen one. Slip it on for instant elegance day or night.

Zanzibar -Main _6225

We love Rico's new Cotton Soft Print DK yarn and how it creates these amazing zebra-style stripes. In hot pink this Loose knit tee will get you noticed for all the right reasons. 

Loose -Knit -Tee -Main _6131

Summer wouldn't be complete without a beautiful lace shawl for garden parties and weddings galore and this Estonian star blossom stole by DyeForYarn, in the softest of silks, will take you seamlessly through them all.  

Stole -Main _6418

Add a splash of colour to any outfit with this fabulous chevron stripe Sherbert cowl with metallic stripes by Emma Varnam. You don't get more summery than this!

Cowl -Main _6399

Also, don't miss in this issue:

  • 20 Light & bright summer knits - women's, men's, children's, babies, home and accessories
  • EXCLUSIVE patterns Zanzibar, Waterfall jacket, Sweetheart jumper, Slip st jumper
  • Cute knits for kids - Pink dots jumper, Starship blanket, Diplodocus toy
  • Metallic bedroom collection by Sarah Hazell
  • HOW-TO FEATURE Substituting yarns - Jeanette Sloan's failsafe guide
  • One to watch - meet young knitwear designer Katie Jones
  • Spotlight on - Neon
  • FREE Crochet supplement (5 patterns to give it a go!)

And, of course, all the usual news, reviews, competitions, products and events you expect from your favourite Knitting magazine.


Let them eat cake!

Katy Evans

Katy Evans

2 May 2013


Oh Pinterest, how we love you. We love to spend hours whiling away our time either creating boards for our own amusement, or perusing others' who have usually come up with a brilliant theme we wished we had thought of first. This is one those such cases. Knitting themed cakes are brilliant. An entire page dedicated to them is awesome!

Check these out!

Billeder -036cj _resize -7728231-225x 300

 900x 900px -LL-95e 31691_IMG_1281

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This is just a few of the very impressive delectable delights we came across. For the entire thing click here and be inspired! pinterest.com/loveknittingcom/cool-cakes/