Katie Holloway

Katie Holloway

24 January 2014

Socks (1)

We've started a little challenge in our office, which we have been sharing on Facebook, that all started when Making Deputy Sophie wanted to learn how to knit socks. Making's Assistant Abi got involved, and now the three of us are racing to knit a pair of socks! I'd already finished sock 1, and was procrastinating starting sock 2 in the ever-familiar 'second sock syndrome'. This challenge is just what I needed to motivate me to knit sock number 2!

This caused somewhat of a stir on Facebook, and after requests for a) what the yarn is and b) where the pattern was, I thought I'd better create this post! The yarn is Grundl Four Seasons Hot Socks Spectra II 61 that was given to me by my lovely Mother-in-Law (I suggest Googling it!). The pattern is one that I devised myself. It's not terribly original, but here is my slant on it.

You will need:

Grundl Four Seasons Hot Socks Spectra II 61 1x100g ball

Four double-pointed 3.5mm needles

Sewing-up needle

Tape measure or ruler

Row counter/pencil and paper/knitting app!



Not critical as very stretch. Plus, I didn't bother to do a tension swatch (naughty me!)



Should fit any foot - knit to length required. Don't be afraid to slip your foot in there between the needles to judge how much longer it needs to be.


Cast on 60 stitches (I like the thumb method) on one double-pointed needle (DPN) and then arrange so that you have 20 stitches on each of three DPNs.

Cuff Round 1: K3, p3 to end of round.

Continue in this way until cuff measures 3cm, or desired length.

Pattern Round 1: P1, k3, p3 to end of round.

Pattern Round 2 and 3: K all k stitches and p all p stitches.

Pattern Round 4: P2, k3, p3 to end of round.

Pattern Round 5 and 6: K all k stitches and p all p stitches.

Continue in this way, moving the three-stitch rib along by one stitch on every third row, until sock is desired length. Mine is 29cm long (though measuring it makes me wish I'd gone for the full 30cm, as it seems like a much more pleasant number).

Decrease Round 1: K2tog, k1 until end of round.

Decrease Round 2: K2tog until end of round.

To finish: Arrange stitches on two DPNs instead of three. Hold these parallel and cast off one stitch from each needle simultaneously. Bind off. Sew in ends. Turn inside out - this is now the Right Side. Knit the second sock ASAP!

They are remarkably easy to knit and look very effective! Hope you enjoy them as much as I do! I've knitted this pattern twice for my husband and he loves them too! (Though I used a 'more manly' yarn for him!)

I'd love to see your results from knitting these! Do send a picture to me! Email

Sneak peek at our Feb issue – on sale 16 Jan

Katy Evans

Katy Evans

10 January 2014


It feels like it's still the start of a new year but no, in magazineland, February has just arrived.

Sometimes, all the elements of an issue come together in perfect harmony to create  something so fabulous even we couldn't plan it. Don't get me wrong, we plan – a lot – but occasionally serendipity intervenes. We carefully planned the garments in this issue to be elegant, feminine and glamorous, it is, after all, still January, but they needed to be warm and confortable too. As the great Coco Chanel said: "Luxury must be comfortable otherwise it is not luxury". (Hear, hear)

We chose beautiful muted shades that fit together to create a soft and pretty gallery. We've used model Ivana before so we knew she was beautiful, and we'd booked the Swedish furniture showroom because it was calm and light and would let the garments do the talking.

Somehow though, this all came together to be even more than the sum of its parts to create one of the prettiest shoots we've ever done. Here, judge for yourselves!

Cable Jumper Main _8913 (1) Square Neck Main _8789 (1)

Smock Top Main _9073 Teal V Neck Main _9030 (1)

Diamond Lace PI_8982 Snood & Cuffs _9280

Cuffs PI_9296 Shawl Main _9242

Also, don't miss in this issue:

  • 20 knits for comfort and glamour - women's, men's, children's, babies, home and accessories
  • EXCLUSIVE patterns - Classic cable jumper, Diamond lace top, Devon, Lacy cabled sweater, Tessitura, Check poncho, Angora lace edged jumper, Leaf moss stitch sweater, Man's chunky cabled sweater
  • EXCLUSIVE Accessories – Half circle shawl, Lacy cuffs, Pretty snood, Purse, Pyjama case, Spiral cushion
  • Cute knits for kids - Baby girl's dress, Aran sweater, Boy's military style jacket, Spaniel puppy toy, Two bold bears booties
  • Spotlight on - Swinging sixties
  • FEATURE Busy hands, warm heart – a guide to knitting for charity
  • FREE supplement – Pretty knits – 6 accessories

And, of course, all the usual news, reviews, competitions, products and events you expect from your favourite Knitting magazine.


5 reasons to look forward to January

Katy Evans

Katy Evans

8 January 2014

It's a week into January, Christmas is over, New Year is over, half the country is under water and every time we look up the newspapers are shouting at us THESE ARE THE WORST STORMS WE'VE HAD IN 1 MILLION YEARS. It's all getting a bit tedious so here are 5 reasons to think and act positively in January.


1. De-stash
No, seriously, hear me out. Everybody has a stash monster. More needles than they will ever use. And tools and equipment they're not even sure what they do. New year is the perfect time to be ruthless and get rid of what you don't need. Come February you will have slid back into your daily rhythm of life and 'won't have time'. Do it now while you're still fired up with the things you're going to do this year. 

Knitting +needle +storage +mason +jarsImage by Talia Christine


2. January sales
See, told you to stay with me. Once you've got rid of your useless single needles and that eyelash yarn that you have no idea where it came from, now is the pefect time to replenish your knitting bag, your sewing box or your craft room. Bag a bargain while shops are trying to clear stocks to make way for the new season products due to arrive.

Pink -sale -pic


3. Plan your craft calendar
Crafty/knitty festivals, events, shows, weekends and exhibitions have been steadily on the increase and this year is choc-a-block with things to see and do. Let's face it, you can't do them all. Sit down and plan which you want to go to or when you are available (our Craft Calendar in our January issue currently on sale is great place to start!). Get your tickets, sort your accommodation (if needed) and sit back and relax. Now you have things to look forward to throughout the year!

Craft Calendar


4. Good TV is back!
When it's dark outside and the weather is hideous what is better than curling up in front of the TV and knitting? Staying in is the new going out. With the return of Sherlock comes the return of scandi murders (The Bridge), BBC adaptations (a new 10-part series of The Muskateers) and original dramas (Fleming based on the Bond author) – brilliant. Pass us the cocoa.

Themusketeers -bbcone -460x 258
Image (C) BBC


5. The February issue of Knitting is out!
On sale Thurs 16 Jan, we bring you 20 knits for comfort and glamour. Softly romantic, elegant and feminine patterns – no cherubs or heart shaped mug hugs in sight! Phew, January is saved.

001_OFC_KNIT_125 (2)  Square Neck Main _8789
Cable Jumper Main _8913 Teal V Neck Main _9030