Sneak peek/behind the scenes of our May issue

Katy Evans

Katy Evans

31 March 2014


I'm excited for our May issue to come out, it feels like the perfect time for our gorgeous knits and beautiful shoot to be revealed. The sun is shining, the weather is warmer, the flowers are springing up everywhere and we are ready for something a bit brighter, lighter and fresher.

The shoot was good fun too and I think this comes across in my snaps. We had a beautiful house in Brighton, Tiffany, our gorgeous model, was good fun and everything went swimmingly. If only all shoots went like this!


I do love a bit of decoupage





Tea break... nice



Anything works as a prop, including bins




What you looking at?


This issue also comes with a FREE set of painted wooden buttons for each reader and a simple, chic cardigan pattern to show them off!
 Buttons _1650 (3)



Pretty, yes? I'm afraid you'll have to wait until next Thursday, 10 April, for this issue to go on sale (subscribers should get it this weekend!) but it's good to know, Spring is on its way!


Sneak peek at our April issue – on sale Thursday 13 March

Katy Evans

Katy Evans

6 March 2014


Spring has finally sprung (hopefull we are not being lulled into a false sense of security, it has been known to snow in April here!), the daffodils, snow drops and cherry blossoms are all coming out and we can finally turn our thoughts to spring knitting – which in all fairness just means slightly lighter yarns and the idea of layering.

This issue was inspired by the Modern Preppy look, a classic British style that comes around every spring in some kind of guise or with a new twist and never goes out of style because it always looks great.

Spring is the perfect time for clean lines, fresh colours and sharp layered dressing. Kick off your winter boots, grab a pair of brogues and step out into the sunshine!

Argyle Main _1944 Retro Cable Main _1895
Lilac Jumper Main _1702 Twist Cable Main _1866

Also, don't miss in this issue:

  • 25 Modern Preppy fresh spring looks - women's, men's, children's, babies, home and accessories
  • 16 EXTRA PAGES - 5 Man & Boy patterns – Estefan tank top, Diamond sweater, boy's moss st hoody, Jacquard sweater, boy's cabled cardigan
  • EXCLUSIVE patterns – Cricket dress, Retro cable sweater, Argyle cardigan, Twisted cable jumper, cricket style top, Man's cable sweater
  • EXCLUSIVE Accessories – Preppy socks, scarf and cushion, Fairisle Argyle bag, Lacy clutch
  • Cute knits for kids - Baby girl cardigan, Green & white cardi, Avery pullover, Boy's v-neck jumper, Little Miss Mouse toy
  • Spotlight on - Neutral tones
  • FEATURE Have a go! – How to build your knitting confidence

And, of course, all the usual news, reviews, competitions, products and events you expect from your favourite Knitting magazine.


Big Circles Jumper

Katie Holloway

Katie Holloway

3 March 2014

I like a challenge, and I love gorgeous knitwear, and by the time April last year came around I was ready for both. I had recovered from the epic task of knitting more or less everything I could think of for my wedding the month before (ties, socks, bow ties, pocket squares, cake decorations...), and I decided it was time to knit something for myself. This coincided with the May 2013 issue of Knitting, and I fell in love with Amanda Jones' Big Circles Jumper.

Big Circles Jumper

The yarn was King Cole Bamboo Cotton DK, which is lovely soft and very good value and I opted for shade 538 Cream, which I thought would go with everything, and be perfect for the summer. Little did I know it would take me until the next spring to finish it!

I'd never knitted lace before, but was keen to try it, and I thought this pattern seemed fairly simple, as there was both the chart and the written instructions. It was simple, but I did have to concentrate to make sure I got all the yo's and k2togs etc in the right place. I like to multitask, and I think I'm better at this than I am, so spent many an hour knittng and watching DVDs/chatting with my husband at the same time... which resulted in many a misplaced stitch!

This, in turn, resulted in many ripping backs (and some that I didn't notice until I'd progressed a few cms and I couldn't bare to rip back, and hoped no one would notice - in hindsight I think I would rip back regardless). Each time I knew I had to rip back I would leave it for a few weeks, and when asked by Stuart (my husband), I promtly told him, "I'm not speaking to it at the moment," as if it were the jumper's fault! One of these occasions actually saw me put the project aside for several months (which is why it has taken me a shameful 11 months to finish!), but also this coincided with autumn and winter, when I knew I wouldn't get any wear out of the thing.

But, as we had a couple of warm February days recently I decided it was time to face my knitting demons and complete the jumper. I had actually completed the Front, Back and half a Sleeve by this point, so that's not too bad! I settled myself down to concentrate and finish it off in a flurry of clacking needles.

I realised that reading the written instructions for each row was seriously slowing me down, so I took the plunge and devoted some time to figuring out the charts for the lace. It actually only took me about ten minutes of sitting and frowning at the page to figure out how to read it and knit it, and once I'd done a few of the chart rows I was flying away at breakneck speed (or thereabouts). Dear reader, let me encourage you: learn to read charts! I thought I couldn't 'do' charts, when actually I could if I just concentrated for ten minutes. I hate maths and numbers generally, so thought that charts 'weren't for me', but once I figured it out (it really wasn't that hard!) it sped me up so much, and I relaxed into the knitting much more.

So, here's my finished jumper! Deputy Katy took a snap of me wearing it whilst we had tea earlier (very civilised!). Yes, there are some mistakes in the lace pattern (I'm sure you'll spot them), and the sleeves somehow are almost full-length on me (I'm not sure if I have very short arms, or if my tension just went a bit loose once I relaxed into the pattern?), and I look a lot less glamorous than our slim and sultry model, but I am very proud of this knitting feat! And I do think it looks rather good!

Katie 's Jumper

If you want to knit the jumper too, it was from issue 115, May 2013. You can order a back issue at, or by telephoning 01273 488005. You can find errata for the pattern here.