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Katy Evans

Katy Evans

18 August 2014


I loved this shoot. Hands down, my favourite this year. A beautiful day, a beautiful location in sunny Kent, a fabulous and gorgeous model and lots of lovely, rich, bohemian-inspired, autumny knits.

Just look at this pic below. If that isn't the start of a beautiful gallery, I don't know what is!



IMG_5009 IMG_5007

This gorgeous kimono jacket has gone straight to the top of our list of mid-season wants!

IMG_5016 IMG_5020


Ooooh, I think this might be cover...!


IMG_5045 IMG_5050


So, what do you think? We're torn between mourning the loss of proper summer (it all went away a bit suddenty for our liking) and being really excited about the new autumn season, all those warm rich colours and opportunities to wrap up in gorgeous and snuggly knits!