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Katie Holloway

Katie Holloway

Monday, March 30, 2015

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Get ready for summer with this issue of Making Jewellery magazine, as we’ve got 32 projects for you to make that are perfect for a summer garden party. Plus, we’ve got 14 pieces for you to make that are perfect for the wedding season, whether you’re making jewellery for a bride, bridesmaids, or a guest. Step-by-step projects inside include a stunning 3D metal clay butterfly ring, a wire and metallic pearls tiara, a colourful wirework and thread floral necklace and more. We’ve covered an array of techniques too, from polymer clay to wirework, and from soutache to sewing. With plenty of fashion trends, product reviews, giveaway prizes and top designer interviews, as well as advice for your jewellery business, look no further for your essential jewellery making tips.

Flower Blossom By Laura Binding

Above: Flower Blossom by Laura Binding

Garden Delights By Sue Mason -Burns

Above: Garden Delights by Sue Mason-Burns

Keylime Twist By Michael Mitchell

Above: Keylime Twist by Michael Mitchell

Scrap Silver Pebbles By Clair Wolfe

Above: Scrap silver pebbles by Clair Wolfe

Pinwheel Party By Lizzi Bucklow -Holt

Above: Pinwheel Party by Lizzi Bucklow-Holt

Pretty Papillon Ring By Nicola Beer

Above: Pretty Papillon Ring by Nicola Beer

Delicious Lily By Sian Hamilton

Above: Delicious Lily by Sian Hamilton


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