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Katie Holloway

Katie Holloway

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

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It’s Christmas time and we are feeling sparkly! Step inside our December issue for the best party jewellery making projects. We show you how to make a silver clay reindeer necklace, a crystal chainmaille set, a sparkling resin ring and much more, with 50 projects to make! Plus, techniques include working with embossing powders, upcycling brass tubing, making beaded tassels and many more besides. We’ve interviewed some top jewellers to get the low-down on their designs and business, plus we’ve got plenty of advice for running your own jewellery business. With all the usual reviews of great jewellery making products, fab prizes to win and the latest fashion trends, we’ve got all your Christmas jewellery sorted! 

Winter Wonderland Pendant By Nicola Beer

Above: Winter Wonderland Pendant by Nicola Beer

Snowflake Sparkle

Above: Snowflake Sparkle by Julia Rai

Winter 's Tale Resin Pendant By Debbie Kershaw

Above: Winter's Tale Resin Pendant by Debbie Kershaw

Valley Rose Necklace By Annemarie Kenyeres

Above: Valley Rose Necklace by Annemarie Kenyeres


Above: Bold as Brass by Tansy Wilson

Snow White By Lizzi Bucklow -Holt

Above: Snow White by Lizzi Bucklow-Holt

Winter Sparkle By Sammi Fletcher

Winter Sparkle by Sammi Fletcher

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