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Monday, January 20, 2014

The JSN are calling on jewellery designers to create pieces for their new exhibition.

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The Jewellers and Silversmiths Network (JSN), basd in Farnham, have given themselves the challenge of designing, making and exhibiting a collection of works on the theme of 'Message: Beyond Adornment'. The JSN members will be exploring creative boundaries and putting their own spin on this theme, with ideas being environmental, philosophical, social and more, in a wide variety of media.

The exhibition is to run from 27 April -- 7 June 2014 at the New Ashgate Gallery in Farnham, Surrey. One of the displays will be a collection of work sent in by anyone who wants to join in! This display will look at how we can try to take control of the way we portray ourselves, a theme with much relevance, given the power of social media and the Internet.

Poppy Porter, member of the JSN says, "we are keen to involve as widean audience as possible with this exhibition and engage with people beyond a passive viewing experience. Get involved and make a necklace."

All you have to do is design and make a piece of reversible neckwear that says 'I agree' on on eside and 'I disagree' on the other. This allows the wearer to display whether tehyw ant their photo taken or not. Use any materials you like, and create the piece in any style. The only condition is that this is a swap! You will not get your own necklace back, but someone else's, so don't use any precious materials unless you are willing to give them away.

Submissions must be received by 24 March 2014, send your entries to: Rebecca Skeels, Jewellery and Metalwork, University for the Creative Arts, Falkner Road, Farnham, Surrey, GU9 7DS. Include a SAE with the postage to cover the return of a necklace.

Have fun!

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