Ten Minutes with Clair Wolfe

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

We take ten minutes to chat with jewellery designer and maker Clair Wolfe

What is your jewellery making background?

I have always been creative, and tried my hand at many a craft, photography, ceramics and stained glass amongst them, before finally settling into my comfy little jewellery niche, where I do feel most comfortable.  There are so many techniques and mediums within the world of jewellery that I am always learning new things and using new products, which keeps my mind working, thinking up new designs.  I am mainly self- taught; I have attended a couple of courses to learn the very basics skills needed for metal work, with these basic skills I have gone on to experiment and find out what works for me . 

How did you get involved with Making Jewellery magazine?

I was lucky enough to be invited to the launch of the magazine, where I met Joan Gordon, the first editor.  I had never before read or subscribed to a jewellery magazine until I got my hands on a copy, fell in love with the mag and subscribed.  After a few months of enjoying reading the magazine and becoming a very busy member on the forum, I took the plunge and submitted a project.  Joan took a chance on me, for which I will always be grateful and I have been part of Making Jewellery ever since.

Describe your jewellery style.

Eclectic and organic are the best words to use.   It is always changing, and I do find it hard to make too many things in the same style. 

Do you have a favourite technique?

It would have to be fold-forming; it opens up a whole new world of possibilities within my designs.

What is your biggest inspiration, when it comes to making jewellery?

It would be easier to think of things that do not inspire me.  Places, people, abstract objects, the elements… pretty much everything inspires me.

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