Ten Minutes with Linzi Alford

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

We take ten minutes to chat with jewellery designer and maker Linzi Alford.

What is your jewellery making background?

I am self-taught, apart from silversmithing, which I learned at evening classes.  I used to work in retail, before having my youngest daughter, where I was a buyer for - amongst other things - jewellery! I've always been a sucker for some pretty sparklies. Ever since I was a child I have had a magpie-like eye for collecting pretty stones, which evolved into a love of beads. I having been creating jewellery now for six years and what started as a hobby has become more of an obsession! I now have my own business MagPie In the Sky; I AM the magpie and the idea was 'pie in the sky'.

How did you get involved with Making Jewellery magazine?

As a reader I used to admire all the fab projects and wished that one day I might aspire to have projects in print.  One day, just on the off chance, I submitted and idea and was lucky enough to be commissioned a project a while later. I have been chuffed to have had a few projects printed now-nothing beats seeing your own work published.

Describe your jewellery style?

Eclectic!  Nature-inspired jewellery from my photos is a favourite, but I also like vintage style, and Steampunk too. I do have a liking for the rather odd and eccentric as well. Repurposing broken pieces to give them a new lease of life is rewarding.

Do you have a favourite technique?

Making moulds from silicone from old or one-of-a-kind pieces to make new twists from these is a favourite, although I enjoy using many different techniques including incorporating my own photographs into pieces-photography is another passion of mine.

What is your biggest inspiration, when it comes to making jewellery?

Inspiration is everywhere-in our surroundings, on the Internet, in books (I'm an avid reader) and  also in the work of other creative people. I take a lot of inspiration from the area where I am fortunate enough to live (in the Lake District) so whenever I need some inspiration I can just look out of the window. I live just a few minutes' walk from the woods so often go there with my camera. I love the changing seasons there.

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