Ten MInutes with Lynn Allingham

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Take ten minutes with jewellery maker and designer Lynn Allingham

What is your jewellery making background?

I started making jewellery three and a half years ago. My background is in Art and Design, I studies for three years at art college before completing a degree in 'illustration for children's publishing'. All my jewellery making is self-taught after discovering a complete passion for it. I use a wide variety of techniques from my art background in my jewellery making.

How did you get involved with Making Jewellery magazine?

I was attracted by the unique and fresh style of Making Jewellery magazine and really wanted to work with them. I started by emailing the editor with samples of my work and telling her a little about myself and it all went from there.

Describe your jewellery style.

I would say my jewellery style is quite youthful and fun. I like to create designs that you wouldn't find anywhere else.

Do you have a favourite technique?

I would say my favourite technique is experimenting with different mediums in unconventional ways to create something that is fresh and new.

What is your biggest inspiration, when it comes to making jewellery?

I am mainly inspired by the things around me, whenever I look at objects I'm constantly thinking how can I adapt or use that in jewellery making, so I take inspiration from everywhere. My biggest inspiration and drive for my jewellery making is my sister Steff who passed away just after she got me into designing jewellery. She would be proud of what I have achieved.

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