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Friday, November 16, 2012

The Coiling Gizmo makes coiling wire simply a breeze. By Sian Hamilton

I have always been slight obsessed with coils of wire and making my own jumprings. So when I got a Coiling Gizmo® sent into the office from The Crystal Phoenix, I was quite excited! It is hard work and difficult to get a long run of tightly coiled wire when using a pair of pliers or by just wrapping around a mandrel. The Coiling Gizmo® changes all that and makes it super quick and simple to make hundreds of jumprings or a long coil of wire to make coiled beads.

The Coiling Gizmo® was invented by LeRoy Goertz after he was shown an ancient technique of coiling wire by hand in 1996. He liked the technique but it took so long to make a single bead that LeRoy set about creating a tool to speed up the process and the Coiling Gizmo® was born.


The Coiling Gizmo® comes in two different sets:

Econo Winder contains a bracket and two crank rods, 1.6mm and 3.4mm. The bracket has a hole to screw it to a stand or base
(not provided). From £6.75

Deluxe Econo Winder contains a bracket with G-clamp style base to attach it to a table and five crank rods, 1.1mm, 1.5mm, 3.2mm, 4.2mm and 5.2mm thick. From £9.50


Coiling Gizmo®

Econo Winder £6.75

Deluxe Econo Winder £9.50

Both available from

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