Tool of the Month: Square Pliers

Friday, November 9, 2012

Have you ever needed to make square jumprings? Well look no further! Wubbers have introduced square mandrel pliers to their extensive collection

Wubbers Square Mandrel Pliers are good for a number of uses including making even coils, square jumprings, tubes, square beads and much more! The large, padded handles are extra comfortable and measure 17cm (6.75") long. The square jaws are a continuous square mandrel (as opposed to being tapered). In addition, the jaws are two different sizes, this adds to the versatility of these special pliers. 


What do these tools do?

Wubbers Square Mandrel Pliers are engineered to solve many problems encountered by jewellery makers. They are designed to:

• Replicate the exact same size shape over and over again with little effort

• Allow the jeweller to make square shapes in multiples rather than just one at a time

• Keep a consistent circumference without having to mark a tapered mandrel or flip the piece over repetitively

• Provide a convenient way to hold the mandrel, eliminating the need for a vice. In addition, it is easy to get a full view of the front and back of a piece by simply changing the position of the hand holding the pliers 

• Grip the wire, providing stability as you work 

These pliers are truly mandrels, it is even possible to lightly tap with a rawhide mallet or a chasing hammer to square the edges of your jumprings or tubes. With two different sizes of pliers, the design possibilities are unlimited! 

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