Top 5 Silver Clays

Monday, March 31, 2014

Silver is the most popular of the metal clays, so here are our top 5 types!

Silver clay has now been around for well over ten years and the two main brands on the market are Precious Metal Clay (PMC) from Mitsubishi Materials and Art Clay from Aida Chemical Industries. This top 5 looks at the different types of clay in both brands.


Accent silver

Accent Silver

If you can’t afford to use silver clay then Accent silver is a powdered silver-alloy slip that can be painted onto metals. It is then kiln fired to bond to the surface. After firing it can be polished and patinated like fine or sterling silver.
5g pot £19.99 available from Metalclay Ltd




This type is paste in a syringe that can be used to help reinforce joins and create decoration.
PMC 9g £22+, Art Clay 5g £11+


Lump clay

Lump Clay

Lump clay is the basic clay that is very fine particles of silver in an organic binder that fires away to leave solid silver (can be hallmarked 999 fine silver). Prices vary widely but expect to pay around £2 per 1g for either brand.




The paste form is a thick slip that can be used to stick clay pieces together. PMC has one variety of paste and Art Clay has three: Standard, Overlay (for use with glass, porcelain and glazed ceramics) and Oil paste (for use after firing to repair pieces). PMC 15g £30+, Art Clay standard 10g £20+




PMC call their paper PMC Sheet and Art Clay call it paper clay. They are both very thin sheets of silver clay and can be cut, folded or draped, as they are very flexible. PMC is softer than Art Clay. This variety should be kiln fired, though small amounts of Art Clay paper can be torch fired. PMC Sheet 5g £17+, Art Clay paper
10g £30+



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