Cellini spiral earrings

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Use seed beads and a simple tubular peyote stitch to create these structural cellini spiral earrings. By Clair Wolfe

Earrings Main Pics

You will need:

•    Earring hoops
•    Beading thread
•    Selection of beads
•    Needle
•    Glue
•    Thread scissors

Step 1


Select a few of the beads left over from the cellini project. You will need to have beads that have a hole large enough to thread onto a pair of silver ear hoops.

Step 2

Earrings Step 1

Thread five of the largest beads onto the ear hoop; there needs to be a gap big enough for the beading needle to pass through. Thread the needle with a length of thread and secure it to one side of the hoop with a couple of knots. Do not trim thread.

Step 3

Earrings Step 2 (1)

Pass the needle through the first of the beads on the hoop, pick up a smaller bead and then pass the needle through the next large bead on the hoop. Continue this through all the beads.

Step 4

Earrings Step 3

Add a bead that is smaller again, this time pass through the first of the second row of beads. Once again add along the length of the beads.

Step 5

Earrings Step 4

For the final row add three of the smallest beads and then pass back through the first bead of the third row added (image 12). Continue through all of the beads.

Step 6

Earrings Step 5

Pass the needle back through all of the largest beads, which were added to the hoop; this will bring you back to the knot and the other end of the thread. Pull until all beads are snug and then finish with a couple of knots and a dab of glue. Adjust the beads so the knot is covered. Snip excess threads.




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