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Friday, June 14, 2013

Simple chainmaille techniques are used in this tactile set to create amazing results! By Gemma Gray

Gemma is inspired by everything around her, from colour and form to the materials she uses and by using many traditional techniques with contemporary ideas she creates jewellery with her individual style. Beaded headpins are attached to 8mm jumprings in delicate shades of blues and greens to create a bright and fresh jewellery set.


Designer tips:

Set the beads aside for the earrings to ensure you can make a matching pair.

By making all of the beaded headpins first, you will really speed up the construction of your set.

For a more delicate piece, reduce the number of beads used or maybe add Swarovski crystals for extra sparkle.


We have included the Beads Unlimited codes in the materials needed list to make it easy to order the items from them. Please request a free Project Sheet from Beads Unlimited when you place your order with them. Please quote code GMC1101P. Or buy everything you need with one click at: 


156 x 8mm jumprings silver plated (JR8SP)

536 x 5mm jumprings silver plated (JR5SP)

124 x eyepins silver plated (EPSP)  

2 x trigger clasps silver plated (TRGSP) 

22 x 4mm pressed glass royal blue (GLPC0417)

28 x 4mm pressed glass sky blue (GLPC0429)

30 x 4mm pressed glass aqua (GLPC0425)

19 x 4mm pressed glass emerald (GLPC0416)

25 x 4mm pressed glass turquoise (GLPC0418)

1 x pack of 6 long ballwires silver plated (LBWSP)

You will also need a pair of multi pliers (CRMT)


Step 1

Open the loop of an eyepin, attach it to an 8mm jumpring and close the loop. Thread on a bead and trim the eyepin 1cm above the bead. Bend the eyepin into a loop around the jumpring and squeeze closed. Repeat for all of your beads.


Step 2

Make a chain of eleven beaded jumprings by joining two 5mm jumprings between each 8mm jumpring. Set the green beads aside for the bottom of the triangle. Space the colours out so that the top of the triangle has more blue shades and blends down to be more green at the bottom.


Step 3

To make the second row of the triangle join a beaded eyepin to the first and second link using two 5mm jumprings on each side.


Step 4

Join the second row of beaded links together with two 5mm jumprings between each link. Continue to add beads in this way until you have added ten beaded eyepins.


Step 5

Continue adding beaded eyepins in this way, until you form a triangle. You need to have a total of eleven rows to make the triangle.


Step 6

Make two chains of sixteen 8mm jumprings joined with two 5mm jumprings between each link. Attach one chain to each corner of the triangle and a trigger clasp with two 5mm jumprings to one side.


Extra projects, make earrings and a bracelet:

Make earrings


Join the following colours of beaded jumprings in a line using two 5mm jumprings between each; royal blue, aqua, royal blue, turquoise sky blue and emerald. Finish with two 5mm jumprings on the emerald jumpring. Open the loop on a long ballwire and attach to the other end. Repeat to make a pair.

Make a bracelet


Make a line of 16 beaded eyepins in the same way. Attach a line of 15 beads either side, adding jumprings in the same way as the necklace. Attach two 5mm jumprings to each end of the bracelet on the centre row. Add an 8mm jumpring to one side and an 8mm jumpring with a trigger clasp to the other.


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