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Monday, October 8, 2012

Easy Stringing Project by Linzi Alford

Weathered copper-effect pebbles, shells and sea-glass combine with natural colours to make this multi-strand necklace.

Linzi Alford owns MagPie In The Sky Designer Jewellery. With a penchant for shiny things she has been a jewellery maker for five years. She trained in silversmithing and is a regular attendee at the local Artisan Collective Roaming gallery.

In this necklace, Linzi wanted to evoke a natural organic feel of toning colours. The piece combines weathered verdigis copper-effect pebbles and shells together with knotted hemp string, a faux suede thong in tan and cream and Amazonite beads in sea-glass shades with a wire wrapped sea-glass focal.



Pebbles and shells moulded charms

Vintage brass shells

Vintage brass corrugated beads

Hemp string

Faux suede thong in 2 colours


2 x washers or large jumprings

Brass bead cages

4mm Amazonite beads

10mm agate beads and 8mm (in cages)


20ga vintage bronze wire

24ga vintage bronze wire

21-strand beading wire




Ear wire

Lobster clasp


Designer tips:

  • Secure knots in hemp string using a dab of glue to prevent them from unravelling
  • When tightening wires on wrapped stones use nylon nose pliers to prevent scratches
  • Make sure all cut wire ends are tucked in so they won't cut the wearer or catch on clothing - pieces should feel smooth if you run your fingers across them



To make the focal wrapped sea-glass take three lengths of 20ga wire, long enough to go around the perimeter of the stone and extra to allow for the wraps at the top. Wrap with 24ga wire at the centre and to either side. Place the wire around the perimeter and shape to fit. Secure the ends at the top by wrapping temporarily with 24ga wire. Pull the top and bottom wires inwards using pliers or fingers to secure the stone into place.



Pinch wires at top with pliers and wrap to secure firmly. Using two of the wires make a wrapped loop for a bail, using round pliers to coil the ends decoratively. Wrap each wire in turn around the top and tuck any ends in to avoid snagging. Be as neat or as freeform with your wrapping as you wish. Repeat with smaller sea-glass pieces as desired.



Take your chosen chain length and add large jumprings or washers to either end with jumprings or chain links. Attach the large focal piece of sea-glass to the centre using jumprings and smaller wrapped pieces to each side.



Double up a long length of hemp string and attach making a lark's head knot to the end washer. Thread loosely through the chain links. With one string thread through the shell/pebble piece from back to front and then knot both strings together to hold in place. Thread both strings together back through the chain and repeat until all chosen pieces are attached. Knot the hemp string securely onto the washer.



Using crimps, attach a long length of beading wire to the end washer/large jumpring. Thread on 4mm Amazonite and brass corrugated beads in random order, taking the wire in and out of the chain as you go along. Continue until you reach the other end of chain and then secure to the end washer with crimps as before.



Add on all other dangles, beads on headpins, small sea-glass pieces or beads in brass bead cages and vintage brass shells using jumprings. Double up a long length of faux suede thong in both colours. Loop it through the washers/large jumprings at both ends of chain and then wrap wire coils around the faux suede to secure. Also wrap at the other end of the faux suede to hold all strands together. Fasten by knotting loosely or attach a clasp if preferred.



Pebbles and shells - created using a silicone mould. Can also be purchased from good craft shops.

Brass bead cages:

4mm Amazonite and 8 and 10mm agate beads:

20ga and 24ga vintage bronze wire:



Vintage brass shells, corrugated beads and sea glass from designer's stash


For extra projects, see Making Jewellery Issue 44, August 2012

Photographs: Linzi Alford, Laurel Guilfoyle

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