Snowy holly bag charm

Monday, December 1, 2014

Crisp, snow-laden holly leaves sparkle in the winter sun and red berries glisten. That was the inspiration for this bag charm, with its luscious berry reds, festive green holly and ivy leaves, and pristine white beads dangling above a large brass holly leaf. By Linzi Alford

Main Pic

You will need

• 1 x brass leaf stamping, 80 x 40mm

• 4 x polymer clay holly sprigs (I used ones by Elise Canning; see page 166)

• 3 x polymer clay ivy leaves, 15 x 15mm

• 3 x polymer clay ivy leaves, 25 x 25mm

• 3 x polymer clay ivy leaves, 40 x 40mm

• 9 x white jade faceted rondelles, 8 x 5mm

• 6 x red round acrylic beads, 8mm

• 6 x brass spacer beads, 4mm

• 6in (150mm) length of brass ox ladder chain

• 1 x large parrot clasp, 27mm

• Jumprings, 8mm

• 1 x large jumpring, 18mm

• Brass headpins

 • Screw-type hole punch

• Wire cutters

• Chain-nose pliers

• Bent-nose pliers

• Flat-nose pliers

Holly 1

1.  Make a hanging hole in the brass leaf stamping using a screw-type hole punch or drill. File and sand away any burrs left on the back of the hole.

Holly 2

2. Fold a 6in (150mm) length of chain and attach both ends to an 18mm jumpring with chain-nose and bent-nose pliers. Using a jumpring, attach the brass leaf stamping. Fasten the 27mm parrot clasp to the opposite end of the chain with a jumpring.

Holly 3

3. Again using jumprings to fasten, attach the three large polymer clay ivy leaves to the bottom section of chain. Stagger the heights slightly so they hang at different levels.

Holly 4

4. Add the medium and small ivy leaves, again using jumprings and staggering the heights for varied dangles.

 Holly 5

5. On headpins, add 8mm red and white jade rondelle beads to make wrapped loop dangles (see below); add 4mm spacer beads if the holes on the beads are too large. Make odd numbers for the bead clusters.



Beadazzled by Elise

For polymer clay flowers handmade by Elise Canning.


How to make wrapped loops

Wrapped Loop 1

1. Thread a headpin or wire through your chosen bead or beads. Using chain-nose pliers, make a right-angle bend in the headpin about 1⁄8in (3mm) above where you want the loop to be placed.

Wrapped Loop 2

2. Using round-nose pliers, roll the wire back onto itself around one of the round jaws.

Wrapped Loop 3

3. Holding the wire tail, pull it all the way around the pliers’ jaw until it crosses underneath, making a loop.

Wrapped Loop 4

4. Hold the loop in chain-nose or flat-nose pliers and, using bent-nose pliers in the other hand, pull the wire tail around the wire or headpin. Make two and a half turns.

Wrapped Loop 5

5. Cut off the excess wire using wire cutters. Get as near to the wraps as you can to leave just a tiny amount of wire protruding.

Wrapped Loop 6

6. Using chain-nose pliers, pinch the wire end against the wraps so that it lies flat.



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