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Thursday, March 6, 2014

A watch specially designed for Alice, full of sweet charms that would remind her of all the adventures she had in Wonderland. By Lynn Allingham

"Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.” Lewis Caroll, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

After completing a degree in illustration, Lynn soon discovered a passion for jewellery making. She likes to design and create an object from scratch, discovering the materials and techniques needed to realise an idea.

This is a unique design created for Alice in Wonderland, with all the things Alice represents, such as youth, intrigue and imagination. Using a wide variety of techniques you can recreate your own colourful Alice charm watch, where each handcrafted item symbolizes one of Alice’s amazing adventures through Wonderland.

Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland is a charming children’s novel full of whimsy. Bored of her lessons one day, Alice follows a white rabbit in a waistcoat down a rabbit hole and finds herself in Wonderland, a topsy-turvy world where nothing makes sense and nothing is what it seems.

    Silver double-link chain
    1 x silver Quartz watch face
    1 x silver lobster clasp
    1 x silver extension chain
    7 x silver heart charms
    Silver ballheaded pins
    4mm silver jumprings
    Silver spoon and knife charms
    Dollshouse miniature glass
    White shrink plastic
    Dollshouse miniature cards, cup and saucer
    Silicone cream clay
    Brown and red deco sauce
    Fruit clay canes
    Tiny red gem embellishments
    Polymer clay (Fimo) in red, white, beige, cognac and brown
    Fine iridescent glitter
    4mm red glass beads
    4mm white pearl beads
    Glossy Accents

All 4mm beads, heart charms and ball-headed pins:
Fruit clay canes, silicone cream clay and deco sauce: www.sophieandtoffee.com,
Double-link chain:
Dollshouse miniature glass, ceramics and playing cards: www.dollshouse.com,
Quartz watch face, spoon and knife charms:
Fine iridescent glitter, gem embellishments and white shrink plastic available from any good local craft shop.


Step 1 (12)
Take the miniature plastic cup and drill a hole in the side. Fill the cup with red deco sauce, embellish as desired and leave to dry. To make the tag, cut a piece of shrink plastic into a 2cm gift tag. Write in pen ‘Drink Me’ and punch a hole to one side. Shrink, using a heat gun or oven. Tie a small piece of red cotton onto the tag.


Step 2 (13)
To make the cake, layer beige, red and white clay and slice into a triangular shape. Snag the clay evenly on the surface using a pin to create a sponge-like texture. Push a headpin through the cake, then bake and allow to cool. To create the topping, chip pre-baked pieces of brown clay and stick them to the top and back of the slice. Repeat Step 1 to make the ‘Eat Me’ tag.


Step 3 (13)
Take three miniature dollshouse playing cards, ensuring one is the Queen of Hearts! Arrange and stick them together as desired. Flood the front with Glossy Accents and leave to fully dry. Turn over and do the same on the back, then simply make a hole in the top corner.


Step 4 (16)
Take a miniature dollshouse cup and sauce and glue them together. Using silicone cream clay, pipe into the cup in a circular motion to create cream tea. Dust the silicone with iridescent glitter whilst still wet. Embellish with clay cane fruit as desired.


Step 5 (14)
To create the cupcake base, take a pea-sized piece of cognac clay and roll into a ball, flatten and lightly hollow. Make indentations along the outer edges using a kilt pin. Push a headpin through one side and bake. Repeat using the cream clay and glitter as described in Step 4, add a red bead and embellish as desired. You could use playing card clay canes to go with the theme.


Step 6 (11)
Take a spoon charm and squeeze brown (chocolate) deco sauce onto the surface and embellish with fruit clay canes as desired. Take a knife charm and wipe the brown deco sauce along the edge of the knife to look like chocolate.


Step 7 (6)
To make the watchstrap, cut two lengths of approx. 8cm of curb chain. To create one bead embellishment, take an eyepin and thread on one red and one pearl bead. Cut and loop. (See page 94). Create six beaded eyepins for every link, attaching three on each side.


Step 8 (5)
Attach your handcrafted charms from Steps 1-6 using the smallest jumpring possible. You can also add a small silver heart charm to enhance the theme of the watch. Spread your charms evenly for the best effect.


Step 9 (5)
Take a watchface and embellish it with corresponding coloured gems. Attach your chain strap to both sides using four jumprings for extra durability. Attach a large lobster clasp on one end and a small extender chain on the other. Finish it off with a small silver heart embellishment.

Extra projects: make earrings and a necklace

Card soldier earrings:

Earrings (9)
Take two mini cards and Glossy Accent them. Drill five holes. To make the arms and legs, thread a white bead and a red bugle bead onto a ball headed pin and loop. Repeat
to add the head bead.

Teapot necklace:

Teapot Necklace
Simply take a dollshouse teapot and attach to a chain. Embellish the chain with a matching bow, if desired.

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