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Monday, October 8, 2012

Easy Polymer Project by Lynn Allingham

Recreate a great British summer tradition using dolls' house miniatures and polymer clay to make a mouth-watering double brooch.

Lynn is a self-taught jewellery designer with a passion for creating objects from scratch. She likes to experiment and challenge herself with un-conventional designs through exploring the use of new and interesting materials.

British summers are all about making the most of the good weather when we get it, so what better way to capture the summer than with this simple summery project. Polymer clay is such a versatile medium; this project will show you how to use it in easy stages with exciting results.



  • Miniature wooden weaved basket
  • Dolls' house cup, saucer, spoon and miniature cup for saucepot
  • Small square of red gingham material
  • 2 x 4mm gold jumprings
  • 2 x gold eye pins
  • 12cm of 2mm gold trace chain
  • 2 x gold or silver brooch bars
  • Brown and red deco sauce
  • Fruit clay canes
  • Polymer clay in colors: sahara, cognac, brown, light green, dark green, pink, white, red & yellow
  • Pritt Craft-it metal glue
  • Round and flat nose pliers
  • Wire cutters
  • Craft knife
  • Old toothbrush


Designer tips:

  • To make polymer clay more pliable, cup it in the palm of your hands and breath on it and roll repeatedly to heat it up and soften it
  • When creating detailed polymer clay items, it is best to apply a coating of liquid Fimo and bake to fix after hardening them. This will hold your item together and make it more durable



Take your sahara clay and roll it out thinly; slice one side off straight. Roll out a strip of brown clay, again slicing one side straight, and lay the cut edges flush together. Trim the brown off to create a crust. Stipple the surface with a toothbrush to create a bread texture then cut it into triangular sandwich shapes.



Mix two greens to make lettuce and roll out very thinly and approx. 15mm in diameter. Repeat as before using white and pink clay to create ham. Take red clay and roll it into a cylindrical shape; chop up to make tomatoes about 4mm in diameter. Take the yellow clay, roll out very thinly and cut into triangular cheese shapes. Carefully assemble your sandwich: bread, tomatoes, lettuce, cheese, ham and bread.



Roll out some cognac clay quite thinly and cut into a long triangular shape. Tightly roll from the larger end down to the point then slightly bend each side inwards to create a croissant shape. The sandwiches and croissant are now ready to bake. Whilst they are baking, take a tiny miniature cup and fill with red deco sauce; leave to dry.



Cut a piece of red gingham material roughly 4 x 2cm in size. Gently fray the edges for a nice rustic look. Glue the material into the miniature basket as desired. Once the glue is dry, assemble your sandwiches, croissant and saucepot as desired and fix into place.



Assembling the second part of the double brooch. Take a miniature dolls-house cup, saucer and spoon then glue them together. Add brown deco sauce to the cup for tea and embellish as desired with clay cane fruit pieces. 



Take a length of gold trace chain, roughly 12cm long. On each end of the chain, assemble two colour-coordinating beads using eye pins. Use 4mm jumprings to attach one end of the chain to the basket handle and the other to the cup handle. To complete the design simply glue brooch bars to the back of both pieces!



Polymer clay: From any good craft and hobby shops

Brooch bars, jumprings, eyepins, chain and beads: www.beadsunlimited.co.uk, 01273 675077

Red Gingham: Available from any good craft shop or haberdashery

Brown and red deco sauce and polymer clay cane fruit: www.miniaturesweet.etsy.com

Miniature wooden weave basket: www.Thierry1888.etsy.com

All dolls' house miniatures: www.dollshouse.com, 08000 114422

Pritt craft-it metal glue: Available from larger craft stores or Amazon


Photographs: Laurel Guilfoyle, Lynn Allingham

For extra projects, see Making Jewellery  Issue 43, July 2012


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