Blood doesn't grow on trees – unless you knit it!

Friday, February 21, 2014

Get involved in the NHS's new knitty campaign to encourage more people to Give Blood!

Blood Doesnt Grow On Trees

The NHS's Blood Donation department has just released its latest campaign to encourage more people to sign up, Blood doesn't grow on trees – unless it's knitted that is!

For weeks you may have seen pleas on websites and social media for knitting volunteers to knit blood droplets for the NHS. You might even have been one of the thousands of knitters who took up their needles to whip up the 8,000 droplets the Give Blood campaign recieved, without ever knowing what they were going to be used for. 

The NHS needs around 200,000 new blood donars ever year to keep up with demands in the UK, so they needed to get radical with their ideas on how to capture the public's imagination. And then they hit on it – yarnbombing!

Residents from Axminster to Sheffield woke up today to find trees in town centres, outside train stations and on residential streets covered in knitted blood drops, some 2D, some fat 3D (don't they look like hearts?), all made by volunteer knitters.

Blood News

Deputy Editor of Knitting magazine, Katy Evans says: "As a long-time blood donar, the pleas for knitters to knit blood droplets captured my attention quite early on but I couldn't find any more information on what it was for. Seeing the pictures of the yarnbombed trees across the UK today has made me smile and spurred me on to let others know about this great campaign. Giving blood takes minutes and really does save lives."

                          Giant Drops

You can still get involved with the campaign by knitting more blood drops. Just visit and download the free pack that includes posters and knitting patterns for both 2D and 3D blood drops. For more pics of the yarnbombing unveiled today as well as up to date information check out NHS Blood Donation's Facebook page here.


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