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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Need some inspiration for your spooky Halloween knits? Katy Evans checks out the latest collection of ‘scary’ themed knitting books to inspire you.

For those thinking knitting is always cute and fluffy, these creepy, crawly, crafty books will make you think again!


Evil Knits by Hannah Simpson

Bloomsbury Publishing, £9.99

Here you will find 20 wicked projects 'that go bump in the night', all with interesting facts and info about the original myths and legends immortalised in films and books over the years. Covering all levels of evil, projects range from the mildly creepy monkey with cymbals, through freak show finger puppets, a voodoo doll cat toy, a shrunken head in a jar, a pretty cool Zombie marionette and frankly the scariest clown cushion to never-ever-under-any-circumstances-ever-is-it-going-in-mine grace any living (geddit?) room. There's a funky little ghost lit from the inside by an LED light, there's even a haunted house playhouse complete with pile of skulls. But the best project of all in this imaginative little book is the awesome and not-really-scary-at-all Abominable snowman. Look at him! Who doesn't want one?


Luckily for you we happen to have Mr. Abominable (to you) as a free pattern download over in our Projects section of the website. Go and get him!


Knit Your Own Zombie by Fiona Goble

Ivy Press, £9.99

Is there any subject Fiona Goble can't turn into an affectionately humorous knitting book? Apparently not as she's done it once again with this quite dark - as knitting books go - collection of over 1,000 combinations of body parts to 'rip 'n' reassemble for horrifying results'. Luckily I am of the school of thought that horror is funny so I chuckled my way through your classic zombie with bleeding intestines, zombie cop, village idiot, zombie fatale (in rather a lovely dress actually), zombie chef, mother of the bride and my personal favourite, the zombie gravedigger skeleton, who clearly used to be a woman and is still wearing a rather fetching hat. The instructions on knitting your basic doll parts and then reanimating your zombies however you choose is simple, clear and concise and should lead to hours of fun. As will learning all about the classic (and some rather new) monsters with Fiona's infamous fact files.  


Head on over to our Competitions page and you can be in with a chance to win not just a copy of Knit Your Own Zombie but Fiona Goble's current classics Fairy Tale Knits and Farmyard Knits too!


Super-scary Mochimochi by Anna Hrachovec

Potter Craft, £14.99

Knitted toy designer Anna Hrachovec is well known for her super-sweet mochimochi world of little creatures. They sure are cute but can she make them creepy? How can you be scared of a Sarcophacat (is it a mummy or has it just spent time playing in the yarn basket?) or the tiniest witches in the world? Or ninja bees and a teen wolf with hood and mitts to transform him into his alter ego? I love the personalities and info Anna includes about her creatures, from the Toaster Ghost, '…formerly a cooperative household appliance, this toaster turned rogue after dying from too many frozen waffles…' to the Zombie Sleepover, '…it's an undead pyjama party!" there is something sweetly sinister (or sinisterly sweet?) about all these characters. There's even a chapter on creating a custom mochi with tips on how to make eyes and teeth, tentacles, claws and tails and then how to 'do the monster mash' and put them all together - great for custom made gifts!


Readers can buy Super-Scary Mochimochi for the special price of £10.49 plus p&p. To order your copy call GMC Publications on 01273 488005 or go to www.thegmcgroup.com and quote code: R3855. Offer ends 11 November 2012.  


So there you have it; a whole host of funny, creepy, scary and sweetly sinister knits to choose from for your Halloween knitting. I don't know about you but I'm off to pop Sean of the Dead in the DVD player and dig out my needles. I'm not joking, I really want an Abominable snowman!


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