Introducing... Roboknit! (her name is Agnes)

Monday, May 13, 2013

Meet Agnes, the world's first animatronic knitter!

          Roboknit _-_agnes1

Agnes, unveiled at the Newscastle Maker Faire recently, is (as far as we know) the world's first knitting robot! Created by Andy Noyes, she uses a loom to knit, as "using traditional knitting needles requires a much higher level of dexterity." He explains, "The most challenging part was getting her to make repeated small and accurate moves so she can knit without making mistakes. This is harder than it sounds as I wanted her to look and move like a human. If I simply wanted to build a machine to knit there are much easier ways of doing it!"


"People have responded very well to Agnes" Andy says. "At the UK Maker Faire many people told me she was their favourite exhibit there," although "some people also find her a little creepy, which I think is good and shows I've succeeded in giving her human-like qualities."

So far Agnes has created around a dozen scarves, each one taking around 4-5 hours to knit. She even has her own Facebook page! When she learns how to Fairisle, I'll be very interested. Imagine having a knitting companion who will sit by you quietly and do all your knitting for you!


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