Knitting, crochet and chemistry: The Perovskite project

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Get involved with this unusual project. Trust us, knitting + chemistry = fun!


We love unusual knitting stories and it doesn't get much more unusual than this. The University of Surrey's Department of Chemistry is building a giant model of the mineral Perovskite using knitting and crochet pieces made by anyone and everyone with an interest in science or craft.

Perovskite -small -structure -image

CG model of the perovskite mineral.

The brainchild of Dr Julia Percival, an academic at the University and avid crafter, the project aims to bridge the worlds of art and science and prove chemistry can be fun! The structure of Perovskite was chosen as it is one of the world's most abundant minerals - and lends itself quite nicely to knitting and crochet patterns.

Perovskite Model Photo1

Knitted polyhedrons and crocheted spheres!

Designed by Dr Percival, the diamond shaped polyhedrons are knitted and the yellow spheres crocheted and the size of the structure only depends on the amount of pieces made and donated to it. It could be as big as this!

Perovskite -large -structure -image

The final model will be built in September at the University of Surrey before going on a tour of scientific centres around the country, accompanied with a 'wall of fame' of contributors to recognise their efforts.

There are free patterns to download and your pieces must be sent in by 1st September 2013 to be included, so don't miss out! To download the free patterns and find out more visit and to keep up with the projects progress follow

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