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Monday, March 24, 2014

Styelcraft announces new initiative to give yarn support to a great cause each month, you just have to nominate yours!


Stylecraft know what a generous lot knitters and crocheters are, making items for all kinds of charities; supporting arts projects and teaching their skills in schools. Rarely does a week go by without at least one request to donate yarn. But how and who to choose is the dilemma faced by the Stylecraft team. Sales Director, Annabelle Hill explains: “We all have our favourite good cause so to pick just one to support was really hard - we didn’t want anyone to miss out.” So, instead of supporting just one, Stylecraft have decided to support twelve good causes – one each month!

The gift of yarn!

Crafters all over the UK are being invited to nominate a charity, school or community project they know needs some yarn by contacting Stylecraft through their Facebook page.  Each month the Stylecraft team will create a shortlist and then invite knitters and crocheters to choose. The winning cause will be contacted by Stylecraft and offered a generous donation of yarn to help them.

To kick off their campaign, Stylecraft have chosen the Brentwood Bombers who will be yarn storming Brentwood in Essex to create a mural for the Brentwood Arts Festival from 5 to 12 July.

No cause is too big or too small so make sure you nominate your favourite cause by visiting the Stylecraft Facebook page here and let other people know by using the hashtag #StylecraftTwelve.


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