Take ten… Barbara Moore

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Barbara Moore of Pear Tree Miniatures takes a break from carving furniture to answer our quick questions

1. In the miniatures world I'm best know for… carved Tudor furniture.

2. Period perfectionist or anything goes? That's the great thing about Tudor. Just about anything did go. I prefer to think I work in the Tydor style, rather than creat perfect copies.

3. My favourite scale is… difficult. 1:12 allows the greatest detail, but 1:24 can be more satisfying. Both.

4. When I'm not making miniatures, I'm… writing!

5. My best moment was… 15 January 2012 when my novel was accepted by a publisher. Or 1991 when my niece was born. Or 1982 when I quit library work to go it alone making miniatures. Or…

6. My most embarrassing memory is… one I am not going to repeat.

7. My dream dolls' house would look like… Castell Coch.

8. I'd love to have dinner with… Jane Austen, but that might be difficult. Dame Judi Dench.

9. The best advice I've ever had was… study law (given by my headmaster). I ignored it. Think how rich I'd be now if I'd followed it.

10. My favourite film is… Kind Hearts and Coronets. A perfect script, written with a scalpel.


Find out more at www.peartree-miniatures.co.uk

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