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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Needlepoint expert Janet Granger answers our ten-minute quiz

  1. In the miniatures world I'm best known for… making all kinds of miniature needlepoint items for 1:12 scale dolls' houses, in kit form for people to stitch. I have been doing this since 1996, and currently have a range of over 200 mini-stitching kits. Carpets, bellpulls, firescreens, teacosies, handbags… so many tiny things to make! The fabrics I use in the kits varies from 18 count canvas (for the carpets), through 22 count canvas and 28 count evenweave, to 32 and 40 count silk gauze (for the Christmas stockings). There's something for everyone - from complete beginners, to advanced stitchers.
  2. Period perfectionist or anything goes?  Almost all of the items I sell have an 'era code' alongside the product on my website, such as Georgian, Tudor, Arts & Crafts, etc. I must admit, I am quite picky about things being based on 'real' period designs. I don't do 'whimsical', for instance, and I have an aversion to designing anything with bunnies on them! I particularly love the Arts & Crafts era of William Morris.
  3. My favourite scale is…  1:12 scale. I don't do kits for any other scale, as it would be too frustrating to stitch anything smaller than 1:12, in my opinion! 
  4. When I'm not making miniatures, I'm…  often to be found doing Dances of Universal Peace. This is a form of circle dancing while singing sacred phrases from all the religious traditions. I've been doing it for several years now, and I just love it. 
  5. My best moment was…  when I was at a needlework trade show at Birmingham a few years back, and Erica Wilson (the woman who actually had her own TV show on embroidery in the 1970s) came up to my stand and bought one of everything. I'd always really admired her, but had never met her. I didn't even know she had a shop in New York. I was stunned.
  6. My most embarrassing memory is…  I'm not telling you!
  7. My dream dolls' house would look like… if space allowed, I would have an enormous Victorian style dolls' house. I never tire of the Victoran style. I'd like a house that had every kind of room, to allow for all the furniture possible, and dozens of dolls by Jane Davies. And a nursery stuffed with toys of all kinds. And a basement. And an attic. And a conservatory at the side.
  8. I'd love to have dinner with…  Esther Hicks (who 'channels'  Abraham, of the Ask and It Is Given book, and Law of Attraction material), as she is just such an interesting person, and has a wonderful view of life.
  9. The best advice I've ever had was…   to do for a job what you love doing, as that's the only way to be happy. 
  10. My favourite film is…  I'm afraid this question doesn't compute for me! I don't own a TV, and have only been to the cinema once in the past 20 years (and that was to see Fahrenheit 9/11, which isn't exactly fun viewing). My favourite book, though, is 'You Can Heal Your Life', by Louise Hay.

Contact details:
Janet Granger
Rose Cottage, Leek Road, Waterhouses, Staffordshire ST10 3JS
Tel 01538 308860
Website: www.janetgranger.co.uk
Email: mail@janetgranger.co.uk
Blog: http://janetgranger.wordpress.com

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