Take ten... Julie Campbell

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Doll artist Julie Campbell takes a break to answer our questions

1. In the miniatures world I'm best know for…  making miniature dolls.

2. Period perfectionist or anything goes? I am a bit of a perfectionist with the period in my own dolls' houses, but as I tend to be inspired rather a lot by fairytales in my doll-making I often mix it up and a lot of the dolls I make will fit into more than one period.

3. My favourite scale is… 1/12th. I can appreciate the charm of 1/24th, but it's always going to be 1/12th scale for me.

4.When I'm not making miniatures, I'm… in the rabbit run (I have four rabbits!), spending time with my family or curled up with a good book.

5. My best moment was… becoming a grandma, but my best miniature moment was being asked to make the dolls for a recent TV advert and seeing my dolls coming to life on TV due to the magic of stop motion. That was quite magical!

6. My most embarrassing memory is…  at a show a gentleman appeared at the table, the husband of a customer who had recently commissioned his portrait doll in miniature. Having studied his photos for weeks I was quite taken aback to see him in the flesh and exclaimed loudly: "Oh hello! I made you!"

7. My dream dolls' house would look like… a Dickensian Old Curiosity Shop.

8. I'd love to have dinner with… Stephen Fry or Miranda Hart, such fun!

9. The best advice I've ever had was… if at first you don't succeed, try, try, try again. I always do and it always works out in the end.

10. My favourite film is… can I have three? Gone With The Wind, The Wizard Of Oz and Pulp Fiction!

 Find out more about Julie's dolls at juliecampbelldollartist.co.uk

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