Take ten... Mary Williams

Monday, October 22, 2012

Karen Bamford snatches ten minutes with doll maker Mary Williams

  1. In the miniatures world I'm best know for… porcelain dolls.
  2. Period perfectionist or anything goes? Perfectionist.
  3. My favourite scale is…  1/12th.
  4. When I'm not making miniatures, I'm…  gardening or playing with my new granddaughter.
  5. My best moment was… retiring after 30 years in the police force.
  6. My most embarrassing memory is… walking out of the Ladies with my skirt tucked on my knickers in a packed pub full of dart players.
  7. My dream dolls' house would look like… The Queen's Dolls House.
  8. I'd love to have dinner with… Jamie Carrington. 
  9. The best advice I've ever had was… 'Keep at it' when starting out with my dolls, from a very experienced doll maker.
  10. My favourite film is… Gone with the Wind because of the costumes.

Find out more about Mary's dolls at www.dollshousedolls.co.uk

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