The Beach Hut Cosy project

Friday, February 14, 2014

Looking for a knitting project to remind you that summer is (eventually) on its way?


Looking for a project to remind you that summer is (eventually) on its way? Why not join in the Beach Hut Cosy project?! Led by member of Stitch London, Sara Worley, the aim is to cover a beach hut in Herne Bay completely in knitting for the Herne Bay Festival Beach Hut Day in August.

Beach Huts

The Beach Hut Day always brings out fierce competition to create the most spectacularly decorated hut so Sara is calling on keen volunteers to help make 5 x 9in long knitted or crocheted oblongs to sew together and make a giant cosy to completely cover a beach hut. Sea and beach themed knitted accessories are also welcome! Head on over to the Herne Bay Beach Hut Project Facebook page to see some of the brilliant items already donated, including knitted crabs, seagulls and fish!

To get involved just send in your knitting to yarn shop Through the Loop, 169 High Street, Herne Bay, Kent CT6 5AQ (include your name and address), who are holding everything for Sar, by 1 August. We can't wait to see the finished thing and hope it wins best beach hut!


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